Data Documentation

This series documents data that DIW Berlin employees have developed as part of their research from all areas of the social and economic sciences.

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Data Documentation
  • Data Documentation

    EU Merger Control Database: 1990-2014

    Pauline Affeldt, Tomaso Duso, Florian Szücs
    34 S.
    Free Download Article | PDF  0.87 MB
  • Data Documentation

    GENeSYS-MOD v2.0 – Enhancing the Global Energy System Model: Model Improvements, Framework Changes, and European Data Set

    Thorsten Burandt, Konstantin Löffler, Karlo Hainsch
    VI, 50 S.
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  5.67 MB
  • Data Documentation

    Nuclear Power Reactors Worldwide – Technology Developments, Diffusion Patterns, and Country-by-Country Analysis of Implementation (1951-2017)

    Ben Wealer, Simon Bauer, Nicolas Landry, Hannah Seiß, Christian von Hirschhausen
    XIII, 218 S.
    Free Download Article | PDF  3.66 MB