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DIW Berlin: Abteilungsleitungen neu besetzt

Press Release of April 26, 2004

The DIW Berlin has appointed three new Heads of Department. On 15 April 2004, Professor Dr. Claudia Kemfert took over as Director of the
“Energy, Transportation, Environment” Department. On 1 May 2004, Axel Werwatz, Ph.D., took over the “Innovation, Manufacturing, Service”
Department, and Dörte Höppner the “Information and Organisation” Service Department. All three appointments are made due to retirement. DIW Berlin President Professor Dr. Klaus F. Zimmermann notes: “We are delighted to
have been able to achieve a well-balanced generational handover in each of these three important management positions. Claudia Kemfert and Axel Werwatz, as all our new research department heads, are firmly linked with universities through joint appointments, thereby enabling us to fulfil the highest scientific standards and requirements. These
appointments permit the DIW Berlin to further consolidate its reputation
as a leading research institute and to strengthen the services it
provides - both to the public and to policy makers.”
Klaus F. Zimmermann expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing, Dr. Kurt Hornschild, and Dr. Bernhard Seidel, the three retiring Heads of Department, for their long-standing commitment to the institute, as well as their close involvement in and valuable support of its activities. They will continue to support actively the work of the DIW Berlin, and make the wealth of their experience available to their successors. Such continuing support cannot be taken for granted, and is highly valued by the DIW Berlin.