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5th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference (SOEP2002)

5th SOEPconference, Berlin, July 3-4, 2002 - Program

Wednesday, July 3rd


Jennifer Hunt, University of Montreal/DIW Berlin

Opening Adress
Bengt-Arne Wickström, DIW Berlin/Humbildt-Universität Berlin

Plenary Session
Chair: Bengt-Arne Wickström, DIW Berlin/Humbildt-Universität Berlin

Does the Glass Ceiling Exist? A Cross-National Perspective on Gender Income Mobility | PDF, 185.05 KB
Ira N. Gang, Rutgers University, John Landon-Lane, Rutgers University and Myeong-Su Yun, University of Western Ontario/Tulane University

The Economic Consequences of Marital Disruption in Germany | PDF, 30.02 KB
Hans-Jürgen Andreß, and Miriam Güllner, both University of Bielefeld

14.00-17.00Parallel Sessions:
 A. Methodological Issues
Chair: Heather Laurie, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), Essex
B. Income Mobility
Chair: Conchita D'Ambrosio, DIW Berlin/University Luigi Bocconi, Milan
C. East Germany
Chair: Heike Solga, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
 On the source and magnitude of income mobility in Germany | PDF, 304.12 KB

Philippe Van Kerm, CEPS/ INSTEAD, Luxembourg
The Covariance Structure of East and West German Incomes and its Implications for the Persistence of Poverty and Inequality | PDF, 416.01 KB

Martin Biewen, University of Heidelberg/DIW Berlin
Participation Behavior of East German Women after German Unification | PDF, 262.46 KB

Holger Bonin, IZA, Bonn, and Rob Euwals, CPB, The Hague/ CEPR, London/ IZA, Bonn
 Item Non-Response on Income and Wealth Questions: Patterns and Correlates | PDF, 195.89 KB

Regina T. Riphahn, University of Basel/DIW Berlin and Oliver Serfling, University of Basel
'Social Cohesion' and the Dynamics of Income in Four Countries | PDF, 419.93 KB

Miles Corak, Statistics Canada/Carleton University IZA, Bonn, Wen-Hao Chen, Statistics Canada/ University of Michigan, Abdelatif Demnati, and Dennis Batten, both Statistics Canada

Analyzing Wage Change in East Germany during Last Decade | PDF, 254.27 KB

Ira N. Gang, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and Myeong-Su Yun, University of Western Ontario/ Tulane University, New Orleans
 Respondent Behavior in Panel Studies - A Case Study for Item-Nonresponse by Means of the German Socio-Economic Panel(GSOEP) | PDF, 355.46 KB

Jörg-Peter Schräpler, Ruhr University Bochum/DIW Berlin
Dimensions of Income Mobility: Policy Goals and Outcomes in ‘Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism' | PDF, 196.65 KB

Bruce Headey, University of Melbourne, and Ruud J.A. Muffels, Tilburg University
The Speed of Leaving the Old Job: A Study on Job Changes and Exit into Unemployment during the East German Transition Process | PDF, 299.58 KB

Joachim Wolff and Parvati Trübswetter, both University of Munich
15.30-16.00Coffee Break
17.15Poster Presentations
AfterwardsGet-together: Wine, Beer, Water, Pretzels

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Thursday, July 4th

09.00-12.30Parallel Sessions:
 D. Family Structure and Children
Chair: Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich/ Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin
E. Wage Determination and Savings
Chair: Paul R. Gregory, University of Houston/ DIW Berlin
F. Wages, Employment and Careers
Chair: Christof Helberger, TU Berlin
 How Exits from the Labor Force or Death Impact Household Income: A Four Country Comparison of Public and Private Income Support | PDF, 220.34 KB

Richard V. Burkhauser, Cornell University, Ithaca/ DIW Berlin, Philip Giles, Statistics Canada, Dean R. Lillard, Cornell University, Ithaca/ DIW Berlin and Johannes Schwarze, University of Bamberg/DIW Berlin

Precautionary Savings and Self-Selection - an Empirical Test Based on the 'German Reunification Experiment' | PDF, 510.78 KB

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, and Matthias Schündeln, both Yale University, New Haven
On Sand and the Role of Grease in Labor Markets | PDF, 243.83 KB

Anja Decressin, Georgetown University, Washington, and Jörg Decressin, IMF, Washington
 The Impact of Domestic Child Care on School Performance | PDF, 257.89 KB

Rainer Hufnagel, University of Hohenheim
The Effect of Maternity Leave on Women's Pay in Germany 1984 - 1994 | PDF, 343.05 KB

Jan Ondrich, Syracuse University, C. Katharina Spieß, DIW Berlin/ TU Berlin, and Qing Yang, Verbind

Long - Term Effects of Unpaid Overtime - Evidence for West Germany | PDF, 73.13 KB

Markus Pannenberg, DIW Berlin/IZA
 Does Low Income in Early Childhood Affect Adolescent School Attainment? Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel | PDF, 123.54 KB

Stephen P. Jenkins, University of Essex/DIW Berlin and Chris Schluter, University of Bristol/CASE
Returns to Education and Experience in Self-Employment: Evidence from Germany | PDF, 147 KB

Donald R. Williams, Kent State University
Labour Supply Effects of Low Wage Subsidies in Germany | PDF, 6.49 KB

Holger Bonin, Wolfram Kempe, and Hilmar Schneider, all IZA, Bonn
 11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
14.00-17.00Parallel Sessions:
 G. Job Loss
Chair: Gert G. Wagner, DIW Berlin/TU Berlin
H. The Elderly and Retirement
Chair: Viktor Steiner, DIW Berlin/Free University (FU) Berlin
I. Health, Happiness, Neighborhoods
Chair: Reiner Stäglin, DIW Berlin/Free University (FU) Berlin
 The Influence of Internal Control on the Employment Status of German Workers | PDF, 342.77 KB

William T. Gallo, Yale University, Jerome Endrass, Yale University/University of Zurich, Elizabeth H. Bradley, Yale University, Daniel Hell, University of Zurich and Stanislav V. Kasl, Yale University
Early Retirement Behaviour of Senior Workers: A Comparitive Analysis of Germany, the UK and the Netherlands | PDF, 42.4 KB

Trudie Schils, Tilburg University
Separate Spaces, Separate Outcomes? Neighborhood impacts on minorities in Germany | PDF, 50.83 KB

Anita I. Drever, UCLA
 Welfare State Stabilization of Employment Careers: Unemployment Benefits and Job Histories in the United States and West Germany | PDF, 0.96 MB

Markus Gangl, WZB, Berlin
Retirement Timing in Germany: Does the Spouse Matter? | PDF, 221.63 KB

Sonja Drobnic, University of Bremen/ Harvard University, Cambridge
The Value of Reunification in Germany: An Analysis of Changes in Life Satisfaction | PDF, 396.05 KB

Paul Frijters, Free University Amsterdam, John P. Haisken-DeNew, DIW Berlin/ IZA, Bonn and Michael A. Shields, University of Melbourne
 Fixed Term Contracts in Germany: Low Wages, Poor Prospects? | PDF, 8.2 KB

Frances McGinnity and Antje Mertens, both MPI for Human Development, Berlin
Income Risks Within Retirement in Great Britain and Germany | PDF, 0.98 MB

Ashgar Zaidi, LSE, Joachim R. Frick, DIW Berlin and Felix Büchel, MPI for Human Development, Berlin/ TU Berlin/ DIW Berlin/ IZA, Bonn
Tobacco Control Policies and Smoking Cessation: A Cross Country Analysis | PDF, 212.85 KB

Donald Kenkel, Dean R. Lillard, and Alan Mathios, all Cornell University, Ithaca
15.30-16.00Coffee Break
17.15-17:30Looking Forward: Household Panels in the 21st Century
Gert G. Wagner, DIW Berlin
 17:30Honoring of Outstanding GSOEP2002 Conference Papers
by Jennifer Hunt, University of Montreal/DIW Berlin

Closing Ceremony
Jennifer Hunt, University of Montreal/DIW Berlin

End of the Conference

18:15Joint Reception:
Welcoming Remarks - Dr. Peer Pasternack,
Undersecretary of State in the Berlin Ministry of Science, Research and Cultural Affairs

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