SOEP 2010 Preliminary Program

Program of the SOEP 2010 9th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

Preliminary Program as of June 29, 2010

Wednesday June 30, 2010

09:30Starting Registration & Coffee (Foyer)
11:30 - 12:00

Welcome (room A300)

Jens Alber (WZB) and Jürgen Schupp (DIW Berlin)

12:00 - 13:30Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S1
Family and Income Inequality
Chair: Peter Krause, DIW Berlin
Parallel S2
Savings and Bequest
Chair: Henning Lohmann, DIW Berlin

Parallel S3
Interindividual Differences and Personality Traits
Chair: Silke Anger, DIW Berlin

Parallel S4
Political and Social Participation
Chair: Bernhard Weßels, WZB

Does Size Matter? The Impact of Changes in Household Structure on Income Distribution in Germany
Schneider, Hilmar;
Peichl; Nico Pestel

Abstract | PDF, 71.66 KB

Tax incentives, bequest motives, and the demand for life insurance: Evidence from two natural experiments in Germany
Winter, Joachim;
Nicolas Sauter,  Jan Walliser

Abstract | PDF, 176.98 KB
Paper | PDF, 283.27 KB

External locus of control as a protective factor for coping with the death of a spouse: A longitudinal approach using latent growth modeling
Specht, Jule;
Boris Egloff, Stefan C. Schmukle

Abstract | PDF, 42.92 KB
Persuasion effects in electoral campaigns - a comparative analysis of household panel data
Kuhn, Ursina

Abstract | PDF, 13.64 KB
Paper | PDF, 116.27 KB

Material deprivation in household panel surveys
Heisz, Andrew, Manon Langevin

Abstract | PDF, 57.79 KB

The impact of job insecurity on the saving behavior of German households
Klemm, Markus

Abstract | PDF, 77.12 KB
Paper | PDF, 343.95 KB

Maintaining (locus of) control?
Piatek, Remi; Pia Pinger

Abstract | PDF, 43.08 KB

A different look at Lenin's legacy: Trust and risk
in the two Germanies
Heineck, Guido; Bernd Süßmuth

Abstract | PDF, 8.77 KB


Equivalence scales and the cost of children: The case of household splits in Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom
Schmaus, Gunther; Sally Bould

Abstract | PDF, 11.25 KB

Precautionary and entrepreneurial saving - New evidence from German households
Fossen, Frank; Davud Rostam-Afschar

Abstract | PDF, 8.63 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.55 MB

Can personality traits help to explain differences in employment dynamics between natives and migrants in Germany?
Landmann, Andreas;
Petyo Bonev, Markus Olapade

Abstract | PDF, 41.95 KB

Church attendance and voluntary engagement: The anatomy of a causal mechanism
Meißner, Peter;

Abstract | PDF, 37.7 KB
Paper | PDF, 413.78 KB


Lost in paradise? Teacher labor market incentives and teacher human capital
Pinger, Pia
Friedhelm Pfeiffer

Abstract | PDF, 55.02 KB
13:30 -  15:00 Lunch    
15:00 - 17:00  Parallel Sessions    
 Parallel S5
Health I
Chair: Markus Grabka, DIW Berlin
Parallel S6
Chair: Elke Holst, DIW Berlin

Parallel S7
Labour Market I
Chair: Michael Kvasnicka, RWI Essen

Parallel S8
Income Inequality
Chair: John Haisken-DeNew, Ruhr-Universtiät Bochum
Parallel S9
Chair: Katharina Spiess,
DIW Berlin / FU Berlin

The economic consequences of getting ill in Germany and the United states
Kohler, Ulrich

Abstract | PDF, 10.76 KB

Are immigrants influenced by news from their home country? Evidence from Germany
Becchetti, Leonardo;
Andrew Clark, Elena Giachin

Abstract | PDF, 126.67 KB
Destabilization and Destandardization: For Whom?The Development of West German Job Mobility since 1984
Giesecke, Johannes;
Jan Paul Heisig

Abstract | PDF, 76.42 KB
Paper | PDF, 198.89 KB

On the characterisation and measurement of the welfare effects of income mobility from an ex-ante perspective
Allanson, Paul

Abstract | DOC, 36.5 KB
Paper | PDF, 255.21 KB

School tracking and the intergenerational transmission of education in Germany and Italy
Lohmann, Henning; Olaf Groh-Samberg, Lorenzo Cappellari, Massimiliano Bratti

Abstract | PDF, 11.93 KB

Broke, ill and obese: The causal effect of household debts on health
Keese, Matthias;
Hendirk Schmitz 

 Abstract | PDF, 65.02 KB

Neighborhood effects on labor market outcomes of first- and second-generation migrants in Germany
Flake, Regina; Thomas Bauer, Matthias Sinning

Abstract | PDF, 44.13 KB
Paper | PDF, 191.27 KB

Longevity, life-cycle employment and fiscal policy
Haan, Peter;
Victoria Prowse

Abstract | PDF, 34.47 KB


Increasing income inequality in Germany: Unemployment, market returns, and changes in the tax-system
Juhasz, Andos;
Martin Biewen

Abstract | PDF, 21.04 KB
Paper | PDF, 1.32 MB

Underachievement: Do teachers’ and parents’ decisions conceal youth’s learning potentials?
Uhlig, Johannes

Abstract | PDF, 10 KB

The role of social capital for children’s health and for participation in preventive health care programs
Becker, Sten; Karin Kurz

Abstract | PDF, 10.19 KB

Right-wing extremism and the well-being of immigrants
Knabe, Andreas; Steffen Rätzel, Stephan Thompsen

Abstract | PDF, 57.65 KB

Starting your career with a temporary job: Stepping-stone or 'dead end'?
Pavlopoulos, Dimitris

Abstract | PDF, 19.76 KB


Trends in intra-generational mobility in the United States and the Western States of Germany (1983-2006)
Bayaz, Gulgun; Richard V. Burkhauser, Kenneth A. Couch

Abstract | PDF, 75.86 KB    
Paper | PDF, 1.37 MB

A socio-economic analysis of youth disconnectedness
Seiberlich, Ruben R.;
Friedhelm Pfeiffer

Abstract | PDF, 11.32 KB
Paper | PDF, 272.46 KB

A natural experiment on sick pay cuts, sickness absence and labour costs
Karlsson, Martin;
Nicolas Ziebarth

Abstract | PDF, 80.95 KB

Population aging and individual attitudes towards immigration: Disentangling age, cohort and time effects
Calahorrano, Lena

Abstract | PDF, 29.28 KB

Consequences of job mobility for the subsequent earnings at the beginning of the employment career in Germany and UK
Schmelzer, Paul
Abstract | PDF, 90.91 KB
Paper | PDF, 242.16 KB


Unemployment and the cumulating complexities across workers' careers: evidence from West-Germany
Manzoni, Anna;
Irma-Mooi Reci
Abstract | PDF, 56.84 KB

Biographical consequences of teenage motherhood in Germany
Keller, Sabine

Abstract | PDF, 193.17 KB

17:00 - 17:15 Coffee Break    
17:15 - 18:45

Poster Session I (Foyer)

Economists, psychologists and happiness: Testing economic and psychological theories with panel data from Germany, Britain and Australia
Headey, Bruce W., Ruud Muffels, Gert G. Wagner
Abstract | PDF, 9.57 KB

Back to GDP: What is the value-added of potential new components of welfare measurement?
Kassenboehmer, Sonja C., Christoph M. Schmidt
Abstract | PDF, 82.16 KB     Poster | PDF, 61.18 KB

Synergies in socioeconomic and remote sensing data
Wurm, Michael, Jan Goebel
Abstract | PDF, 9.22 KB

Longitudinal analysis of the domains of satisfaction before and after disability: Evidence from
the German Socio-Economic Panel
Págan-Rodríguez, Ricardo
Abstract | PDF, 100.17 KB     Paper | PDF, 255.96 KB

Changing life courses of women: How do German baby boomers differ from older cohorts
Simonson, Julia, Laura Romeu Gordo, Nadiya Titova
Abstract | PDF, 30.07 KB     Poster | PDF, 184.75 KB

The perception of the income tax: Evidence from Germany
Beninger, Denis
Abstract | PDF, 8.53 KB

Do Couples Bargain over Fertility? New Evidence Based on Child Preference Data
Hener, Timo
Abstract | PDF, 12.07 KB

Measuring time use in surveys - A novel validation of survey questions through experience sampling
Sonnenberg, Bettina, Michaela Riediger, Gert G. Wagner, Cornelia Wrzus
Abstract | PDF, 7.09 KB

18:45 Aperitivo: Wine, Cheese & Olives

Thursday, July 1, 2010

09:00 - 11:00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S10
Intergenerational Analyses
Chair: Wolfgang Keck, WZB
Parallel S11
Health II
Chair: Nicolas Ziebarth, DIW Berlin
Parallel S12
Labour Market II
Chair: Peter Haan, Goethe University Frankfurt
Parallel S13
Well-Being and Life Satisfaction I
Chair: Christian Brzinsky-Fay, WZB

Intergenerational transfers from a life course perspective: A longitudinal comparison of gifts and bequests
Leopold, Thomas;
Thorsten Schneider

Abstract | PDF, 12.11 KB

Did the smoking ban reduce smoking?
Brüderl, Josef; Volker Ludwig

Abstract | PDF, 10.13 KB

Trade union membership and dismissals
Pannenberg, Markus;
Laszlo Goerke

Abstract | PDF, 100.65 KB
Paper | PDF, 229.68 KB

Well-being and the social context of promotions
Clark, Andrew;
Conchita D'Ambrosio

Abstract | PDF, 13.35 KB

The intergenerational transmission of economic disadvantages and social exclusion - constraints on social mobility
Eberharter, Veronika

Abstract | PDF, 62.66 KB

The effect of private health insurance on medical care utilization and self-assessed health in Germany
Hullegie, Patrick; Tobias J. Klein
Abstract | PDF, 24.05 KB           
Paper | PDF, 0.87 MB

The unintended long-term consequences of dismissal and exile of high-skilled professionals: Evidence from Nazi Germany"
Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude
Mutlu Yuksel

Abstract | PDF, 11.95 KB

Perceived job insecurity and well-being revisited: Towards conceptual clarity
Geishecker, Ingo

Abstract | PDF, 56.87 KB


Transmission of subjective well-being between mothers, fathers, and adolescent children:The role of parenting, and personality factors
Agache, Alexandru;
Gisela Trommsdorff

Abstract | PDF, 42.64 KB

Unemployment and health in context and comparison: A study of Canada, Germany and the United States of America
McLeod, Christopher

Abstract | PDF, 12.85 KB

Heterogenous effects of job mobility on wages in Germany and the UK
Fouarge, Didier; Dimitris Pavlopoulos, Ruud Muffels, Jeroen K. Vermunt

Abstract | PDF, 4.92 KB

Unhappiness and job finding rates
Gielen, Anne;
Jan C. van Ours

Abstract | PDF, 9.43 KB


Unexpected victims - how parents' unemployment affect their children's life satisfaction
Kind, Michael;
John P. Haisken-DeNew

Abstract | PDF, 89.28 KB

Keeping it in the family? If parents smoke do children follow?
Lillard, Dean R.

Abstract | PDF, 7.02 KB

Disability pensions and labor supply evidence from Germany
Hanel, Barbara

Abstract | PDF, 10.23 KB

Social jealousy and stigma: Negative externalities of social assistance payments in Germany
Kassenboehmer, Sonja C.;
John P. Haisken-DeNew

Abstract | PDF, 61.44 KB
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
 11:30 - 12:30Keynote Speech I: Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main):
"Learning about Economic Behavior from German Reunification: Savings and Preferences"
Chair: Jürgen Schupp (DIW Berlin)
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:00

Poster Session II
Chair: Mathis Schröder (DIW Berlin)

Does pension privatisation increase old age poverty? A comparison of Germany and Great Britain
Möhring, Katja
Outline | PDF, 102.3 KB       Poster | PDF, 0.59 MB

Changes in family structure and employment pattern: Do they blend with early childhood outcomes?
Peter, Frauke H.; C. Katharina Spiess
Abstract | PDF, 5.55 KB

Future methodological possibilities using a genetically sensitive multi-group design
Hahn, Elisabeth, Frank M. Spinath
Abstract | PDF, 9.13 KB

You live and learn: Private-sector training in Germany
Rinne, Ulf
Abstract | PDF, 48.65 KB      Poster | PDF, 1.75 MB

Interrelationships among four labour market states, subjective life satisfaction, personality and values and attitudes
Trzcinski, Eileen, Elke Holst
Abstract | PDF, 13.88 KB

Aim of Education: Family Business? School-to-Work Transitions of Entrepreneurs
Schmiade, Nicole, Martin Kohli, Isabell Stamm
Abstract | PDF, 30.11 KB

Well-being over the life span: Semiparametric evidence from British and German longitudinal data
Wunder, Christoph, Andrea Wiencierz, Johannes Schwarze, Helmut Küchenhoff, Sara Kleyer, Philipp Bleninger
Abstract | PDF, 7.87 KB       Paper | PDF, 247.88 KB

Women's Noncognitive Skills and Transition to Employment after Childbirth
Berger, Eva M.
Abstract | PDF, 30.11 KB    Poster | PDF, 89.11 KB

15:00 - 16:30  Parallel Sessions  

Parallel S14
Family and the Labour Market
Chair: Thorsten Schneider, University of Bamberg

Parallel S15
Time Use
Chair: Jürgen Schupp, DIW Berlin
Parallel S16
Well-Being and Life Satisfaction II
Chair: Olaf Groh-Samberg, University of Bremen

The introduction of a short-term earnings-related parental leave benefit system and differential employment effects
Bergemann, Annette; Regina T. Riphahn

Abstract | PDF, 7.78 KB

Selection or institutions? Explaining the time use of married and cohabiting couples
Beblo, Miriam; Katherin Barg

Abstract | PDF, 9.87 KB

Do associations between "sleeping well" and "feeling well" become weaker with age? Results from the SOEP and an ambulatory monitoring study

Wrzus, Cornelia et al.

Abstract | PDF, 83.84 KB


Causal effects on employment after first birth - A dynamic treatment approach
Sommerfeld, Katrin; Bernd Fitzenberger; Susanne Steffes

Abstract | PDF, 41.49 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.61 MB

Competing pleasures? Quantity and quality of leisure and the transaction to parenthood
Árranz-Becker, Oliver; Daniel Lois

Abstract | PDF, 13.15 KB

Testing the rationality of life satisfaction forecasts: Micro evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel
Schwandt, Hannes



Income before and after family break-up in Germany and the United States
Radenacker, Anke

Abstract | PDF, 7.13 KB

Are self-employed time and money poor? Results by an interdependent multidimensional poverty approach using GSOEP and GTUS time use diary data
Merz, Joachim; Tim Rathjen

Abstract | PDF, 11.76 KB

Poverty profiles and subjective well-being
D'Ambrosio,  Conchita; Andrew Clark

Abstract | PDF, 13.76 KB

16:30 - 17:00 Coffee Break   
17:00 - 19:00

Closing Plenary Session

  • Best Presentations Prizes 2010
  • Felix Büchel Award 2010
    Laudatio:  Richard Burkhauser (Cornell University) and Richard Hauser (Goethe University Frankfurt) 
  • Keynote Speech II by the price winner of the Felix Büchel Award 
  • Goodbye

Chair: Conchita D'Ambrosio (University Milano-Bicocca)

19:30Farewell Dinner

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