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DIW Board of Trustee Meeting: “Look ahead”

Press Release of September 23, 2010

The Board of Trustees of DIW Berlin has made a number of decisions in a special meeting. First of all, an adjustment of the articles was decided, reinforcing the Trustees’ right to information and participation on the one hand, and emphasizing the cooperative responsibility of the Executive Board on the other.

Stronger presence in economic forecasting

With these changes, the position of President of the institute on scientific issues will be strengthened, while being less involved in administrative tasks. In addition, the Board of Trustees welcomes the changes that will lead to an organizational realignment and a stronger presence of the institute in economic forecasting. Besides that, the Board decided on a contemporary organizational integration of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) in the institute and reaffirmed the adopted strategy on internationalization of DIW Berlin.

Hanns Seidler: the new interim Managing Director

Professor Dr. Hanns Seidler has been appointed as the interim Managing Director of DIW Berlin. Until 2007, Hanns Seilder was Chancellor of the Technical University in Darmstadt and a long-time spokesman for the Chancellor of German universities. In these positions, he has helped to strengthen scientific researches and to modernize the management of universities. “Hanns Seidler is one of the most distinguished talents who can be fit be for the role as the DIW’s managing director”, said Bert Rürup, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. “He will give more impulse to DIW and effectively support the scientific management with President Klaus Zimmermann and Vice President Alexander Kritikos.”

Good indications for the evaluation in 2012

“Under the leadership of Klaus Zimmermann”, Mr. Rürup said, “The two core businesses of DIW, applied research and evidence-based policy advice, can be more successfully transferred in the future and therefore meet the requirements as a Leibniz Institute convincingly.” The indications for the evaluation in 2010 by Leibniz Society look good: An excellent basis – not only through the work of the president – has been accomplished in recent years for it.