SOEP–ISER Exchange


The SOEP and the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex/UK have initiated an exchange program focussing on junior researchers. The intention is to build links between the institutes that run two leading household panel surveys, potentially leading to joint research on cross-national comparative issues. The exchange program allows young researchers to spend short visits abroad in order to be exposed to different research environments and to get in touch with potential collaborators.

Visitors from the SOEP give a seminar presentation in the Joint Empirical Social Science (JESS) seminar at ISER, visitors from ISER present their research paper in the SOEP Brownbag seminar. The organising hosts are Anika Rasner at SOEP, and Gundi Knies at ISER.


SOEP - ISER visits

Guest Affiliation Date Presentation in the JESS-Seminar/
SOEP Brownbag Seminar
Stefanie HoherzISERSeptember 30-October 4, 2013Maternity Leave in the Context of Couples
Anika RasnerSOEPJuly 1-5, 2013 The Association of Workplace Training on Subjective Job Security in Germany: Short-Term Effect or Long-Term Gains?
Olena Kaminska
June 24-28, 2013Exploring mode differences with a real-world eye-tracker
Frederike Esche SOEP June 10-14, 2013 Unemployed and afterwards divorced? Analyzing the impact of job loss on partnership dissolutions
Daniel D. Schnitzlein SOEP November 26-30, 2012 The Importance of Family Background for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills
Frauke Peter SOEP October 10-15, 2011 Trick or treat? Maternal job loss and children's non-cognitive skills
Anne Busch
May 31- June 5, 2011
Determinance of the Occupational Gender Segregation
Laura Fumagalli ISER April 26-29, 2011 All in the Family British Style: Does Family Smoking Cause British Youth to Smoke?" (joint with Dean R. Lillard)
Michael Weinhardt SOEP April 18-21, 2011 Interviewer Personality and Survey Error: Findings from the SOEP interviewer survey
Matthias Schonlau SOEP/RAND May 11-14, 2010 Household survey panels: A comparison of following rules and approaches to weighting adjustments due to changing household compositions (joint with Martin Kroh)
Nicolas Ziebarth SOEP March 8-12, 2010 The Effects of Expanding the Generosity of the Statutory Sickness Insurance System
Mark Bryan ISER Dec 14-18, 2009 Access to Flexible Working and Informal Care
Francesca Zantomio ISER May 25–29, 2009 The route to take-up: raising incentives or lowering barriers?
Henning Lohmann SOEP March 17-21, 2009 Why to choose a non-recommended school type? Determinants and consequences of the non-acceptance of teacher's recommendations in Germany
Priscila Ferreira ISER November 10-14, 2008 A tale of two risks? An integrated analysis of the determinants of promotions and firm separations in Portugal
Eva Berger SOEP November 3-7, 2008 Part-Time Employment, Non-Participation, and Life Satisfaction of Mothers in Germany
Chiara Pronzato ISER March 31-April 2, 2008 How to Reduce Lone Mothers’ Poverty? The Effects of Generous Welfare and In-work Benefits
Martin Kroh SOEP May 14-18, 2007 The Preadult Origins of Post-Materialism: A Longitudinal Sibling Study
Annette Jäckle ISER December 4-8, 2006 Measurement Error in the Dating of Income Receipt: Reducing Bias in Duration Models through Dependent Interviewing
Andrea Schäfer SOEP October 9-14, 2006 Investment in the Next Generation – Private Transfers
Simonetta Longhi ISER June 6–9, 2006 Competition in the Local Labour Market and its Impact on Wage Disparities in the UK
Silke Anger SOEP May 8- 12, 2006 An Empirical Test of the Signaling Value of Unpaid Work