The Sustainability cluster consists of the Energy, Transportation, Environment and Climate Policy departments. The cluster conducts research on economic issues and policy options for sustainable energy supply and mobility as well as various measures for environmental and climate protection. The departments complement each other both in terms of sectoral and methodological aspects.

The Energy, Transportation, Environment Department deals with energy and resource markets, the phasing out of fossil fuels, sustainable mobility, and compiles energy and traffic statistics. The Climate Policy Department analyzes climate protection strategies in industry and the building sector, but also climate policy instruments and aspects of green finance. A cross-cutting issue in which both departments cooperate closely is the analysis of the electricity sector. In this context, the integration of renewable energies, flexibility options, and the increasingly necessary coupling of the electricity sector with other sectors (heat, mobility, industry) are handled jointly by both departments, most recently in the context of the Horizon 2020 project “RealValue.”