Research Cluster

The Sustainability research cluster examines the economic conditions and consequences of sustainable development. It focuses on analyzing sustainable energy supply and mobility, as well as climate protection.

The cluster consists of the Department of Energy, Transportation, Environment and the focus department of Climate Policy. Both departments cooperate on research and consulting projects as well as on events and in international networks.

  • The Department of Energy, Transportation, Environment evaluates energy, transportation, and environmental policies for sustainable development. It focusses on environmentally friendly, competitive, and secure energy supply and sustainable mobility. At the same time, questions of international infrastructure and industrial economics play a role as well. Priorities are market analyses and policy measures under the banner of energy transition as well as political sustainability strategies and general economic impact analyses. The department of applies computer-based economic models and develops these further.
  • The department of Climate Policy analyzes how the transition to a low-carbon economy and current economic goals can be mutually supportive through a change in policy. The main focus here is on the development of an EU energy market design for the transition to renewable energy, as well as on political strategies to develop the potential of energy efficiency in industry and buildings. The department works closely with government departments and regulatory authorities at the national and European level.