Industrial Economics

Research Cluster

It is not only companies that have to make adjustments as a result of technological change and a rapidly changing global environment with growing international trade relations and capital links. Economic policy - above all, innovation policy and competition policy - also face new challenges through changes in value chains and market structures. These issues are systematically analyzed in the Industrial Economics research cluster, and recommendations for changes to economic policy derived. This research cluster consists of the department Firms and Markets and the research groups Behavioral Economics and Entrepreneurship.

In addition to empirical studies, theoretical statements about the market development are derived using approaches based on competition policy and behavioral economics. The empirical and theoretical findings are useful for evaluating the effect of various political instruments.

The research programs are based on a predominantly empirical or theoretical orientation. Both departments work in accordance with largely complementary analytical tools. Geared towards important economic policy issues such as the efficiency of infrastructure services, sophisticated tools are increasingly used by both departments.