Model papers

Andreas Schröder and Maximilian Bracke (2012): Integrated Electricity Generation Expansion and Transmission Capacity Planning, An Application to the Central European Region. Discussion paper 1250 | PDF, 1.71 MB DIW Berlin

Jan Abrell and Friedrich Kunz (2012): Integrating Intermittent Renewable Wind Generation - Insights from the Stochastic Electricity Market Model (stELMOD). Electricity Markets Working Papers WP-EM-49 | PDF, 1.58 MB

Friedrich Kunz and Alexander Zerrahn (2013):The Benefit of Coordinating Congestion Management in Germany. Discussion paper 1298 | PDF, 1.1 MB DIW Berlin

Andreas Schröder, Friedrich Kunz, Jan Meiss, Roman Mendelevitch and Christian von Hirschhausen (2013): Current and Prospective Costs of Electricity Generation until 2050. Data Documentation | PDF, 3.18 MB . DIW Berlin

Jonas Egerer, Clemens Gerbaulet, Richard Ihlenburg, Friedrich Kunz, Benjamin Reinhard, Christian von Hirschhausen, Alexander Weber, Jens Weibezahn (2014): Electricity Sector Data for Policy-Relevant Modeling: Data Documentation and Applications to the German and European Electricity Markets. Data Documentation 72 | PDF, 8.53 MB . DIW Berlin

Policy and Scenario Papers

Thure Traber and Claudia Kemfert (2012): German Nuclear Phase-out Policy. Effects on European Electricity Wholesale Prices, Emission Prices, Conventional Power Plant Investments and Electricity Trade. Discussion paper 1219. | PDF, 330.31 KB DIW Berlin

Andreas Schröder, Thure Traber and Claudia Kemfert (2013): Market Driven Power Plant Investment Perspectives in Europe: Climate Policy and Technology Scenarios until 2050 in the Model EMELIE-ESY. Climate Change Economics, Vol. 4, Suppl. 1 (2013) | PDF, 0.85 MB

Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert, Friedrich Kunz and Roman Mendelevitch (2013): European Electricity Generation Post-2020: Renewable Energy Not To Be Underestimated, in: DIW Economic Bulletin 09/2013 | PDF, 0.57 MB

Thure Traber (2014): Capacity Mechanisms on Central European Electricity Markets. Effects on Consumers, Producers and Technologies until 2033. Discussion paper 1385 | PDF, 481.7 KB . DIW Berlin

Thure Traber, Claudia Kemfert (2015): Renewable Energy Support in Germany. Surcharge Development and the Impact of a Decentralized Capacity Mechanism. DIW Discussion paper 1452 | PDF, 0.86 MB . DIW Berlin

Claudia Kemfert, Friedrich Kunz, Juan Rosellón (2015): A Welfare Analysis of the Electricity Transmission Regulatory Regime in Germany. DIW Discussion paper | PDF, 1.5 MB 1492. DIW Berlin

Karsten Neuhoff, Jochen Diekmann, Friedrich Kunz, Sophia Rüster, Wolf-Peter Schill, Sebastian Schwenen (2015): A Coordinated Strategic Reserve to Safeguard the European Energy Transition. DIW Discussion paper 1495 | PDF, 0.64 MB , DIW Berlin

Friedrich Kunz, Alexander Zerrahn (2016): Coordinating Cross-Country Congestion Management. DIW Discussion paper 1551 | PDF, 0.91 MB , DIW Berlin