SOEP Codebooks (v28)

Attention: The codebooks are very large. The download may last a long time.

$PVariables from personal questionnaires 
codebook_v28_p.pdf (48 MB)
Variables from household questionnairescodebook_v28_h.pdf (14 MB)
$PGENGenerated Person-Level Variablescodebook_v28_pgen.pdf (11.5 MB)
$HGENGenerated Household-Level Variablescodebook_v28_hgen.pdf (4.5 MB)
$PKALGenerated calendar variables from $Pcodebook_v28_pkal.pdf (28 MB)
$PEQUIVGenerated Person-Level variables for international comparisoncodebook_v28_pequiv.pdf (20.5 MB)
$KINDGenerated Child Variables (Person-Level)codebook_v28_kind.pdf (3 MB)

 (October 2012)

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