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"Only One in Eight Workers is Dissatisfied With His or Her Job": Seven Questions to Karl Brenke

Interview of August 5, 2015

Mr. Brenke, you have studied job satisfaction in Germany. Which criteria do you use when making your assessments?  

Job satisfaction is a difficult concept: There is no clear-cut definition, and there are also different ways of measuring it. Of course, you can inquire about individual aspects of the job — for example, the office atmosphere, satisfaction with working hours, compensation, what the boss is like, and much more. That’s one possibility. The other possibility is that you ask people how satisfying  they find their jobs in general. This method has been thoroughly proven to be effective. […]

The interview with Karl Brenke, is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 32-33/2015. It is available for free download (PDF, 170.87 KB)

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