Global Food Markets

Global Food Markets: Global Food Security – Challenge for Production and Consumption

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Scarce resources, the rising demand for agricultural products and growing land-use competition between the production of energy and food have increased the importance of strategies for food security. In the research project “Global Food Markets: Global Food Security – Challenges for Production and Consumption” both supply and demand-oriented approaches that can realize sustainable supply increases and improve consumption patterns are analyzed. Based on the analysis of vertical oligopolistic structures, the interactions along the agricultural value-added chains are investigated. Another emphasis is laid on the interplay between supply and consumer behavior. For example, the impact of product certification is analyzed, hence whether these are able to induce more sustainable production and consumer choices. The analyses comprise both theoretical and empirical parts and include aspects of behavioral economics.

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Leibniz Association, Funding Line 4: Promoting women for academic leadership position of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (Leibniz Competition 2015)

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