Transformation of the Energy Economy

Energy, Transportation, Environment

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Transformation of the Energy Economy

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The research group “Transformation of the Energy Economy“ analyses economic aspects of the energy transition and evaluates political instruments, market design and regulatory measures. In doing so, we focus on renewable energy, in particular on the market and system integration of fluctuating wind and solar power. Further research topics include the transformation of the power plant fleet, electricity networks, energy storage and other flexibility options as well as efficiency strategies. Prospectively, the coupling of power, heat and transportation sectors becomes increasingly important.

In addition, the group analyses questions of imperfect competition, socio-economic aspects and macroeconomic impacts of energy system transformations. Methodologically, the focus is on numerical power market models, using optimization and partial equilibrium approaches. These include dispatch and transmission models with high temporal and spatial resolutions as well as longer-term investment models, which are increasingly provided as open source models. Complementary, we use econometric methods. Geographically, we focus our analyses on Germany and Europe.