K2ID-SOEP data

DOI: 10.5684/k2id-soep-2013-15/v1


Title: K²ID-SOEP extension study

DOI: 10.5684/k2id-soep-2013-15/v1
Collection Period: 2013-2015
Publication date:2017-09-08
Principal investigators: Pia S. Schober, C. Katharina Spieß
Further researchers: Juliane F. Stahl, Georg F. Camehl

Short description

K2ID is short for „Kinder und Kitas in Deutschland“ and refers to the German name of the surveys carried out as part of a project entitled “Early childhood education and care quality in the Socio-Economic Panel” (K²ID-SOEP).

It aims at investigating effects of the quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions on children’s development and parents’ employment and wellbeing. It also examines socio-economic differences in parental choices of ECEC quality and whether they are linked to information asymmetries between mothers and ECEC providers.

The data collection of K2ID is based on participants of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). In addition, participants of the “Families in Germany” (FID) study (which is in the process of being integrated with the SOEP) were also included in the sampling frame. From this group of people those with one or more children below school age at the date of the survey were given an additional questionnaire concerning their child care arrangements with a focus on quality. In case they used an ECEC institution they were also asked to provide the address of this institution and, if applicable to identify the specific group which their children attend. In a second step the ECEC institution directors and group educators were also given a questionnaire to collect additional information on quality in the respective setting.

More information on the study and data collection on the K2ID homepage.


The K2ID-SOEP micro data which we make available for scientific research can only be interpreted using statistical software. Direct use of these data is subject to the high standards for lawful data protection in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Signing a contract on data distribution with the DIW Berlin is therefore a precondition for working with K2ID-SOEP data. After signing the contract, the data will be available on request.
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Documentation and Questionnaires

Documentation on the K2ID-SOEP data set | PDF, 0.98 MB

The documentation on variables will be available on paneldata.org.

Questionnaires are only available in German by now, English versions will follow.

Fragebogen für Eltern:

Elternfragebogen, Kurzfassung, Welle 1, 2013 | PDF, 336.15 KB

Elternfragebogen, Langfassung, Welle 1, 2013 | PDF, 371.77 KB

Elternfragebogen, Kurzfassung, Welle 2, 2014 | PDF, 336.02 KB

Elternfragebogen, CATI-Fassung | PDF, 143.11 KB

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Kita-LeiterInnen, Langfassung, Welle 1, 2014 | PDF, 359.33 KB

Kita-LeiterInnen, Kurzfassung, Welle 1, 2014 | PDF, 248.67 KB

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