Documentation of SOEP-Core Data

Here you’ll find all of the documentation currently available on the SOEP data—including questionnaires, methodological reports on the SOEP fieldwork, code books, descriptions of individual variables, and datasets generated from the original data to facilitate analysis of frequently asked research questions. There are also several papers documenting the survey methodologies used in the SOEP, in particular, sample integration, analysis of missing information, weighting, imputation, and the development and testing of new survey instruments and methodologies.

Samples A-L3

For a translation of the Mother-Child instruments, please refer to the generated metadata-based-questionnaires with reference to variables (see below)

IAB-SOEP Migration Sample M1-M2

IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees M3-M4

IAB-BAMF-SOEP-Samples M3-M5 (refugee samples)

Please refer to the questionnaires with variables (see below).

For older survey instruments please click here

Metadata-based questionnaires with reference to variables

Samples A-L3

Samples M1/M2

Samples M3-M5

Please help yourself with the documentation of the previous wave. Current documentation coming soon!

You can also use our SOEPcompanion to get an overview of the generated data and their contents. For the corresponding chapter click here.

Here you will find data sets and variables prepared by the SOEP team (wave hg, version 34)

  • $PGEN: Documentation of Person-related Status and Generated Variables
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 283.33 KB))
  • PPATH: Biographical Information of the Person-related Meta-dataset
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 1.06 MB))
  • $HGEN: Documentation of Household-related Status and Generated Variables
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 205.46 KB))
  • HEALTH: Data on health indicators
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 122.32 KB))
  • $PEQUIV: CNEF Variables with Extended Income Information for the SOEP
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 1.39 MB))
  • PBRUTTO: Personenbezogene Bruttodaten
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 203.82 KB))
  • HBRUTTO: Haushaltsbezogene Bruttodaten
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 163.74 KB))
  • BIOPAREN: Biography Information for the Parents of SOEP-Respondents
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.94 MB))
  • MIGSPELL and REFUGSPELL: The Migration-Biographies of Samples M1/M2 and M3/M4
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.65 MB))
  • Dokumentation (PDF, 1.42 MB) on ISCED generation using the CAMCES tool in the IAB-SOEP Migration Samples M1/M2
  • BIOAGEL & BIOPUPIL: Generated variables from the “Mother & Child”, “Parent”, and “Pre-Teen”, and “Early-Youth” questionnaires
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.96 MB))
  • BIOSIB: Information on siblings in the SOEP
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.74 MB))
  • BIOAGE17: The Youth Questionnaire
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.91 MB))
  • BIOSOC: Retrospective Data on Youth and Socialization
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.73 MB))
  • BIORESID: Variables on Occupancy and Second Residence
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.64 MB))
  • LIFESPELL: Information on the Pre- and Post-Survey History of SOEP-Respondents
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 0.97 MB))
  • Biography information in the meta file PPFAD (jetzt: PPATH): Month of Birth, Year of Death, Immigration Variables, Living in East or West Germany in 1989
    (Dokumentation (PDF, 1.06 MB))

Unfortunately still in progress:

  • SOEP-Core v34 – KIDLONG (Pooled Dataset on Children)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – $KIND (Person-related Variables on Children)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – INTERVIEWER: Detailed Information on SOEP Interviewer
  • SOEP-Core v34 – BIOCOUPLM / BIOCOUPLY, and BIOMARSM / BIOMARSY (The couple history files and marital history files)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – BIOIMMIG (Generated variables for foreign nationals, immigrants, and their descendants in the SOEP)
  • SOEP-Core v34 - BIOBIRTH (A Dataset on the Birth Biography of Respondents)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – PBIOSPE and ARTKALEN (Activity Biography)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – BIOJOB (Detailed Information on First and Last Job)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – BIOEDU (Data on educational participation and transitions)
  • SOEP-Core v34 - BIOTWIN (Information on Twins in the SOEP)
  • SOEP-Core v34 – HPATH (Documentation of the Household-related Meta-dataset)

Still valid documentation: