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  • Economic Bulletin

    European Electricity Generation Post-2020: Renewable Energy Not To Be Underestimated

    by Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert, Friedrich Kunz, Roman Mendelevitch in: DIW Economic Bulletin 09/2013.In its Green Paper on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies, the European Commission calls for a framework for the future development of environment and energy policy beyond 2020. However, much like the Energy Roadmap 2050 adopted by the Commission in December 2011, the Green ...

  • Economic Bulletin

    Germany Must Invest More in Its Future

    by: S. Bach, G. Baldi, K. Bernoth, J. Blazejczak, B. Bremer, J. Diekmann, D. Edler, B. Farkas, F. Fichtner, M. Fratzscher, M. Gornig, C. Kemfert, U. Kunert, H. Link, K. Neuhoff, W.-P. Schill, C. K. Spieß in: DIW Economic Bulletin 08/2013. Shortly before the parliamentary election in 2013, Germany is riding on a wave of euphoria: hardly any other euro country has weathered the financial and debt ...

  • Economic Bulletin

    More Growth through Higher Investment

    by: Stefan Bach, Guido Baldi, Kerstin Bernoth, Björn Bremer, Beatrice Farkas, Ferdinand Fichtner, Marcel Fratzscher, Martin Gornig in: DIW Economic Bulletin 08/2013. While many countries in the euro area are deep in recession due to a debt and structural crisis, the German economy appears to have excelled compared to many other euro area countries. Unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since ...

  • Report

    Open letter on European emissions trading

    42 German economists and social scientists are asking Chancellor Merkel to dedicate more attention to the European emissions trading scheme. It is of fundamental economic importance to European climate policy and the German energy transition. In its current form, the European emission trading scheme is not able to fulfill its guidance and steering functions. Urgent action is needed. To read the English ...

  • Press Release

    Renewable Energy: Quota Model Not Viable Alternative to EEG


  • Press Release

    Rising EEG Surcharge: Undesirable Distribution Effects Can Be Reduced

    2013 will see a significant increase in the surcharge stipulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and paid by power consumers to promote the use of renewable energies. This will equate to a rise in the share of private households’ consumer spending on electricity from around 2.3 percent on average in 2011 or almost 2.4 percent in 2012 to almost 2.5 percent in 2013. The EEG surcharge ...

  • Economic Bulletin

    Targeted Support for New Photovoltaic Installations Requires Flexible and Regular Adjustments

    Targeted Support for New Photovoltaic Installations Requires Flexible and Regular AdjustmentsBy: Thilo Grau in: DIW Economic Bulletin 6/2012.Feed-in tariffs have proven to be an effective instrument in supporting renewable energies. As a result of the dynamic price trend of photovoltaics, the actual number of systems installed has repeatedly exceeded initial government targets. Therefore, the support ...

  • Economic Bulletin

    Opening the Electricity Market to Renewable Energy: Making Better Use of the Grid

    Opening the Electricity Market to Renewable Energy: Making Better Use of the Gridby Karsten Neuhoff in: DIW Economic Bulletin 1/2011The strong reliance of the German economy on the industry sector has been a point of criticism for years now. Germany is too strongly focused on export, making it susceptible to crises and fluctuations in demand and exchange rates, the critics allege. A non-critical look ...

  • Press Release

    A worldwide network: The “Climate Policy Initiative” opens its first center at DIW Berlin

    A new research center devoted to the evaluation of climate policies opens today in Berlin. The center is a branch of the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), an international research organization currently being established by George Soros. The Berlin center is the first to be up and running; addi-tional centers are planned for Peking, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, and Ven-ice. Housed within DIW Berlin, ...

49 results, from 41