SOEP-Innovation Sample

Data distribution 1998-2017, DOI: 10.5684/

SOEP-IS Release 2017

Data Access

To ensure the confidentiality of respondents’ information, the SOEP adheres to strict security standards in the provision of SOEP-IS data. The data are reserved exclusively for research use, that is, they are provided only to the scientific community. For individuals and institutions that already have a valid SOEP data distribution contract, an informal application can be submitted to the SOEP in the form of a letter or e-mail requesting a supplemental contract allowing expanded use of the SOEP data.

After users have signed or updated their data distribution contract with DIW Berlin, they will receive the SOEP-IS dataset by personalized encrypted download. At the SOEP Data Research Center, users can also access small-scale regional data that can be linked to the SOEP-IS data.

Additional information and all the required forms can be found on the SOEP webpage.


Publications using these data should cite the DOI (doi: 10.5684/ and include the following reference:

David Richter, Jürgen Schupp. 2015. The SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP IS). Schmollers Jahrbuch 135 (3), 389-399 (doi: 10.3790/schm.135.3.389)
(prepublished 2012: SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS) - Description, Structure and Documentation.SOEPpaper 463 | PDF, 162.91 KB : Berlin. DIW Berlin)

Innovative moduls

Data on the following innovative modules are included in this release:

Surveyed in 2011

  • Internalized Gender Stereotypes Vary Across Socioeconomic Indicators (more)
  • Justice Sensitivity (more)
  • Pension Claims (more)

Surveyed in 2012

  • Adaptive General Ecological Behaviour Scale (more)
  • Control Strivings (more)
  • Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) (more)
  • Expected Financial Market Earnings (more)
  • The Big Two Psychological Content Dimensions: Agency and Communion (more)
  • Dementia worry (more)
  • Just Sustainable Development Based on the Capability Approach (GeNECA) (more)
  • Anxiety and Depression (more)

Surveyed in 2013

  • Conspiracy mentality (CMQ) (more)
  • Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) (more)
  • Job Preferences and Willingness to Accept Job Offer (more)
  • Job task survey (more)
  • Regional Identification (more)
  • Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ-S) (more)
  • Sleep characteristics (more)
  • Socio-economic effects of physical activity (more)

Surveyed in 2014

  • Comparing Measures of Experimential and Evaluative Well-Being (more)
  • Computer-Assisted Measurement and Coding of Educational Qualifications in Surveys (CAMCES) (more)
  • Confusion, Hubbub, and Order Scale (CHAOS) (more)
  • Cross-Cultural Study of Happiness (more)
  • Day Reconstruction Method (more)
  • Determinants of Attitudes to Income Redistribution (more)
  • Decisions from Description and Experience (more)
  • Determinants of Not Wanting to Know (more)
  • Expected Financial Market Earnings (more)
  • Flourishing Scale (more)
  • Future Life Events (more)
  • Inattentional Blindness (more)
  • Justice Sensitivity (more)
  • Lottery Play: Expenditure, Frequency, and Explanatory Variables (more)
  • Self-Evaluation and Overconfidence in Different Life Domains (more)
  • Separating Systematic Measurement Error Components Using MTMM in Longitudinal Studies (more)

Surveyed in 2015

      • Attitude Inferences and Interviewer Effects (more)
      • Comparing Measures of Experimential and Evaluative Well-Being (more)
      • Couples’ Prediction Accuracy for Food Preferences (more)
      • Diversity of Living-Apart-Together-Couples (more)
      • Emotion Regulation (more)
      • Epigenetic Markers of Stress (more)
      • Fiscal Crisis in the EU and European Solidarity (more)
      • Future Life Events (more)
      • Grit and Entrepreneurship (more)
      • Happiness Analyzer Smartphone Application (more)
      • Impostor Phenomenon and Career Development (more)
      • Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ-S) (more)
      • Ostracism Short Scale (more)
      • Preference for Leisure (more)
      • Private or Public Health Care: Evaluation, Attitudes, and Social Solidarity (more)
      • Self-Regulated Personality Development (more)
      • Separating Systematic Measurement Error Components Using MTMM (more)
      • Sickness Presenteeism (more)
      • Smartphone Usage (more)
      • Socio-Economic Effects of Physical Activity (more)

Erhebung 2016

  • Adaptation in Very Old Age (more)
  • Adaptation to Major Life Events (more)
  • Ageing in a Changing Society (more)
  • Collective vs. Individual Risk Attitudes (more)
  • Fiscal Crisis in the EU and European Solidarity (more)
  • Happiness Analyzer Smartphone Application (more)
  • Informal Care Outside the Household (more)
  • Internet Based Psychotherapy (more)
  • Language Skills, Income and Employment (more)
  • Perceived Discrimination (more)
  • Personal and Economic Relations (more)
  • Physical Attractiveness (more)
  • Representations of Scientific Information (more)
  • Resilient Behavior in the Workplace (more)
  • Separating Systematic Measurement Error Components Using MTMM (more)
  • Status Confidence & Anxiety (more)
  • Subjective Social Status (more)

      • Short descriptions of the innovative modules up to date you will find here.

Data collection








Survey instrument for the SOEP Innovation Sample in Deutsch | PDF, 0.68 MB / in English | PDF, 0.66 MB
Survey instrument for the SOEP Innovation Sample(Update in Deutsch | PDF, 0.63 MB / in English | PDF, 0.6 MB
Survey instrument for the SOEP Innovation Sample (Boost Sample) in Deutsch | PDF, 407.32 KB / in English | PDF, 392.29 KB
Fieldwork Report | PDF, 8.83 MB

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Data sets and documentation

The datasets are available for Stata and SPSS in versions with German and English labels.

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