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  • Heiner von Lüpke

    Heiner von Lüpke

    Research Associate Climate Policy
  • Person

    Jonatan von Moltke

    Jonatan von Moltke is a student assistant at the DIW Graduate Center since 2022. He is primarily in charge of outreach, marketing, social media and community work. He is a Master's student of International Affairs at the Hertie School of Governance and previously studied Philophy, Politics, and Economics at the VU in Amsterdam.

    Student Assistant Graduate Center
  • Gert G. Wagner

    Gert G. Wagner

    Gert G. Wagner is Professor of Economics, Senior Research Fellow at the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) study, Max Planck Fellow at the MPI for Human Development (Berlin), Research Associate of the Alexander von Hmboldt-Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) in Berlin, Research Associate at the Harding-Center for Risk Literacy at the University of Potsdam and  member of the "National...

    Senior Research Fellow German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Sevrin Waights

    Sevrin Waights

    Sevrin Waights is a Research Associate and Marie Curie Fellow at the Education and Family department at the DIW Berlin. Sevrin works on empirical questions in the area of family politics and early education. His current research examines the impact impact of paid parental leave on the gender pay gap in Germany. He also examines the determinants of day care enrolment gaps by family background, and...

    Research Associate Education and Family
  • Person

    Frank Walzebuck

    system administrator Research Infrastructure
  • Felix Weinhardt

    Felix Weinhardt

    Felix Weinhardt is research associate at the education and family department at the DIW Berlin and Professor of Public Economics at the European University Viadrina. Felix obtained his PhD at the London School of Economics. He is interested in understanding causes and consequences of social and spatial inequality. Consequently, his research interests lie at the intersections of the economics of...

    Research Associate Education and Family
  • Person

    Gregor Wenzel

    Controlling Executive Board
  • Knut Wenzig

    Knut Wenzig

    At the SOEP Research Data Center, Knut Wenzig takes care of tools for capturing, translating and outputting metadata and supports data management with active metadata. He is also responsible for informations on occupations and industry in the datasets and trains specialists in market and social research. He has been a member of the programme committee of the European DDI Users Conference since 201...

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Ingrid Wernicke

    Ingrid Wernicke

    Member of Research Department Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Roman Wilhelm

    Roman Wilhelm

    Member of Department Communications
  • Monika Wimmer

    Monika Wimmer

    Communications Manager German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Jana Wittich

    Jana Wittich

    Jana Wittich is a Ph.D. student at the DIW Berlin Graduate Center and a research associate in the Macroeconomics Department. She holds two Bachelor degrees in Governance and Public Policy and European Studies from the University of Passau, with a specialization in Economics, Global Governance and Political Science. During her studies, she spent two semesters at the University of Nantes, France....

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center; Research Associate Macroeconomics
  • Person

    Nancy Wittig

    Member of Department Human Resources and Organisation
  • Izabela Wnuk

    Izabela Wnuk

    Ph.D. Student Public Economics
  • Katharina Wrohlich

    Katharina Wrohlich

    Katharina Wrohlich is Professor of Public Finance, Gender and Family Economics at the University of Potsdam and Head of the Gender Economics Research Group at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Her research focuses on the evaluation of labor market, family and tax policy on employment and wages of women. Moreover, she is working on the issue of gender gaps in the labor...

    Head Gender Economics; Research Associate Public Economics
  • Person

    Li Yang

    Li Yang is a research associate at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and a research fellow at the World Inequality Lab (WIL) at Paris School of Economics. Previously, he was a researcher in the World Bank DEC research group in Washington D.C. from 2013 to 2017, a Marie Curie research fellow at Paris School of Economics from 2018 to 2020, and a Stone research fellow at INSEAD...

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Alina Zainullina

    Alina Zainullina

    Trainee German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Aleksandar Zaklan

    Aleksandar Zaklan

    Aleksandar Zaklan is an applied economist interested in topics in environmental economics. In his research, he currently focuses on assessing the (cost-)effectiveness and distributional impacts of policy instruments designed to mitigate environmental externalities; understanding impacts of pollution externalities on individuals; and analyzing indirect effects of environmental policy.

    Research Associate Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Olga  Zhylenko

    Olga Zhylenko

    Team Assistance Climate Policy; Team Assistance Research Infrastructure
  • Stefan Zimmermann

    Stefan Zimmermann

    Specialist in market and social research German Socio-Economic Panel study
264 results, from 241