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  • Sonali Chowdhry

    Sonali Chowdhry

    Sonali Chowdhry is Research Associate in the Department Firms and Markets. She is an economist specialising in international trade and firm heterogeneity. Her research examines the reallocation effects of trade policy shocks using detailed firm-level customs databases. Alongside academic research, Sonali has contributed to numerous policy studies on mega-regional trade agreements and served as an...

    Research Associate Firms and Markets
  • Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck has been editor at DIW Berlin since July 2017 and is responsible for the DIW Weekly Report and DIW aktuell as well as for press inquiries, guest comments and statements. Since April 2021 she has been a member of the DIW Weekly Report editorial board. Previously, she was editor at several daily newspapers.

    Press Officer Communications
  • Carina Cornesse

    Carina Cornesse

    Dr. Carina Cornesse is Head of the Innovation Sample as well as the Social Cohesion Panel (SOEP-related study ZHP-FGZ) at the SOEP. She conducts research on data quality and innovative data collection techniques in surveys. Her research focuses on the recruitment and maintenance of panel studies, the benefits and limitations of probability-based and nonprobability samples, the application of mixed...

    Head of SOEP Innovation Sample & Social Cohesion Panel German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Astrid Cullmann

    Astrid Cullmann

    Astrid Cullmann is senior researcher in the Department Energy, Transportation, and Environment. Her research deals with productivity and regulation of public sector firms. She focuses on municipal state-owned firms in the energy and water sector. Astrid is also Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Econometrics and Business Statistics at TU Berlin. She studied Economics at Free University Berlin and...

    Research Associate Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Philippa Cumming

    Philippa Cumming

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Geraldine Dany-Knedlik

    Geraldine Dany-Knedlik

    Geraldine Dany-Knedlik heads the team of forecasting and economic policy at the DIW Berlin together with Timm Bönke. Geraldine Dany-Knedlik's expertise lies in the areas of international macroeconomics and monetary policy. Special thematic focuses are inflation and monetary policy, spillovers of monetary policy, and the interactions between the business cycles and cycles of income and wealth...

    Co-Head Macroeconomics; Co-Head Forecasting and Economic Policy
  • Kristina van Deuverden

    Kristina van Deuverden

    Research Associate Executive Board
  • Jascha Dräger

    Jascha Dräger

    Jascha Dräger is research associate at the Research Data Centre of the SOEP. He studied sociology in Kassel and Mannheim and received his PhD in Sociology from University of Mannheim in 2022. His main research interests are social stratification and inequalities in education.

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Tomaso Duso

    Tomaso Duso

    Tomaso Duso is Head of the Firms and Markets Department at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), a professor of empirical industrial economics at the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, and the spokesperson of the Berlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP). He is a member of the Monopolies Commission and of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy (EAGCP) of the...

    Head of Department Firms and Markets
  • Hella Engerer

    Hella Engerer


    Research Associate Energy, Transportation, Environment; Research Associate Forecasting and Economic Policy
  • Theresa Entringer

    Theresa Entringer

    Member of the  Junior Research Group SocPsych-MH.

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Alina Ermolaeva

    Alina Ermolaeva

    Ph.D. Student Macroeconomics
  • Irene Faas

    Irene Faas

    Research Manager Firms and Markets
  • Lars Felder

    Lars Felder

    Lars has just finished his master’s degree at the Free University of Berlin. While studying, he was working as a student assistant in the department for public economics and the department for energy, transport and the environment at the DIW. His research interests fall into the area of applied microeconomics where he would like to combine topics of social and climate policy. Within the GC program...

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center
  • Kerstin Ferguson

    Kerstin Ferguson

    Kerstin joined DIW Berlin in October 2010. Prior to working for DIW Berlin, she worked at the Deutsche Post DHL Group in Bonn, at the Amerika Haus in Cologne and at the American Academy in Berlin. Kerstin received her Magister in North American Studies and English Philology from Freie Universität Berlin. During her studies, she spent one year as an exchange student in the USA.

    Research Manager Climate Policy
  • Person

    Katharina Fettig

    Student Assistant Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Sabine Fiedler

    Sabine Fiedler

    Head of Department Communications
  • Ulrike Fokken

    Ulrike Fokken

    Press Officer Communications
  • Andreas Franken

    Andreas Franken

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Marcel Fratzscher

    Marcel Fratzscher

    Marcel Fratzscher is a researcher, author, and columnist on economic and socio-political topics, President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), and Professor of Macroeconomics at Humboldt University Berlin. Among other things, he is a member of the United Nations High-level Advisory Board on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a member of the Advisory Board of the...

    President Executive Board
279 results, from 41