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266 results, from 61
  • Tobias Gebel

    Tobias Gebel

    Since 1992 research associate at DIW Berlin 2011-2018. Research Associate, FDZ-BO, Bielefeld University Study of sociology, Chemnitz University 2005-2011

    Deputy Head of Department Research Infrastructure
  • Annica Gehlen

    Annica Gehlen

    Annica Gehlen is a Ph.D. candidate at the Berlin School of Economics and a research associate at the Department of Public Economics. She is interested in labor economics and structural econometrics. Annica holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Bonn. During her studies, she worked as a...

    Ph.D. Student Public Economics
  • Christof Georgi

    Christof Georgi

    IT Administrator Research Infrastructure
  • Martin  Gerike

    Martin Gerike

    Member of the Junior Research Group SocPsych-MH.

    Specialist in market and social research German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Johannes Geyer

    Johannes Geyer

    Johannes Geyer is deputy head of the department of public economics at the DIW Berlin. He received his PhD in Economics from Freie Universität Berlin in 2012. He was also a member of the Graduate Center of the DIW. Between 2012 and 2016 he was a visiting professor at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin in addition to his work at the DIW Berlin. He is an affiliate of the Health Econometrics...

    Deputy Head Public Economics
  • Nina Gläser

    Nina Gläser

    Advisor Executive Board
  • Jan Goebel

    Jan Goebel

    Board of Directors SOEP and Division Head Data Operation and Research Data Center German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Martin Gornig

    Martin Gornig

    Professional Position: Since 2017 Research Director Industrial Policy at German Institute for Economic Research, DIW Berlin Since 2013 Deputy Head of the Department Firms and Market at DIW Berlin Since 2007 Honorary professor for urban and regional economics at Technical University Berlin 2004-2012 Deputy Head and Acting Head of the Department Innovation, Manufacturing and Services at DIW...

    Deputy Head of Department Firms and Markets; Research Director Firms and Markets
  • Person

    Elisa Grabas

    Member in the division Knowledge Transfer German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Markus M. Grabka

    Markus M. Grabka

    Markus M. Grabka is Senior Researcher at the SOEP.  His research interests lie in the field of income and wealth inequality. 1997 Master of Arts at the TU Berlin in computer sciences and sociology1997-1999 research associate at the Berlin Center for Public Healthsince 1999 research associate at the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) at the DIW Berlin1999-2002 member of the graduate...

    Board of Directors SOEP & Acting Division Head Knowledge Transfer German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Iuliia Grabova

    Iuliia Grabova

    Iuliia Grabova is a PhD student at the DIW Berlin Graduate Center. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration from the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder). In her Bachelor thesis, she analyzed the impact of globalization and the role of labor unions on the widening skill premium. Subsequently, she continued as a Master's student of Economics at the...

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center; Research Associate Graduate Center
  • Daniel Graeber

    Daniel Graeber

    Daniel Graeber is currently a research associate at the SOEP. His primary interested is centered on the socioeconomic determinants of health, mental health in particular. Other topics of interest are intergenerational mobility, migration economics, the economics of the COVID-19 pandemic and research on Entrepreneurship.

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Florian Griese

    Florian Griese

    Specialist in market and social research German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Person

    Frederik Griguhn

    Member of Department Third Party Fund Management
  • Friedemann Gruner

    Friedemann Gruner

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center; Scholarship Recipient
  • Adeline Gueret

    Adeline Gueret

    Adeline Guéret is a PhD candidate at the DIW Graduate Center and TU Berlin. Her research focuses on topics related to the energy transition. More specifically, she uses modeling methods to better understand pathways that can lead to deeply decarbonize our economies. Prior to joining the Graduate Center in October 2020, she worked as a researcher at the French Economic Observatory (OFCE) to...

    Research Associate Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Peter Haan

    Peter Haan

    Head of department of Public Economics at DIW Berlin and Professor of Public Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. Ph.D in Economics with distinction (Supervisors: Prof. Viktor Steiner and Prof. Richard Blundell). Studies in Economics and Political Sciences at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Humboldt-University Berlin and University of Toronto (degree: Diplom Volkswirt). Visiting Fellow...

    Head of Department Public Economics
  • Person

    Nicole Haase

    Team Assistance Public Economics; Team Assistance Gender Economics
  • Christoph Halbmeier

    Christoph Halbmeier

    Christoph Halbmeier is a Ph.D. student in the Ph.D. program "Public economics and inequality" of the Freie Universität Berlin and a research assitant at Helmut Schmidt University as well as a visiting scholar at Socio-economic Panel in Berlin. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Economics, both of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He also studied at the University of Warwick,...

    Ph.D. Student German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Person

    Angelina Hammon

    Angelina Hammon is currently doing her PhD in Statistics. She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology and did her master studies in Survey Statistics at the University of Bamberg and spent a semester abroad at the University of St Andrews. From February 2016 to September 2019 she was working as research associate in the methods group of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi)....

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
266 results, from 61