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Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

The effect of a leniency rule on cartel formation and stability: experiments with open communication

26.04.2019| Jana Friedrichsen
Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

BAMS is a joint seminar by the DIW Berlin, the Hertie School of Governance, the HU Berlin and the WZB.

29.04.2019| Manuel Bagues (Aalto University)
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Rigging Economics

Advances in horizontal drilling have significantly increased US oil and gas production, but it is not clear whether the industry is viable if oil prices continue to be low. Researchers now estimate the break-even price for oil and gas from tight ...

In: Nature Energy 4 (2019), S. 263-264 | Dawud Ansari
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Sexual Activity, Sexual Thoughts, and Intimacy among Older Adults: Links with Physical Health and Psychosocial Resources for Successful Aging

In: Psychology and Aging (2019), im Ersch. | Karolina Kolodziejczak, Adrian Rosada, Johanna Drewelies,Sandra Düzel, Peter Eibich, Christina Tegeler, Gert G. Wagner, Klaus M. Beier, Nilam Ram, Ilja Demuth, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Denis Gerstorf
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The German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)

In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 239 (2019), 2, S. 345-360 | Jan Goebel, Markus M. Grabka Stefan Liebig, Martin Kroh, David Richter, Carsten Schröder, Jürgen Schupp
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Using the Dirichlet Process to Form Clusters of People’s Concerns in the Context of Future Party Identification

Connections between interindividual differences and people’s behavior has been widely researched in various contexts, often by using top-down group comparisons to explain interindividual differences. In contrast, in this study, we apply a bottom-up

In: PloS one 14 (2019), 3, e0212944, 20 S. | Patrick Meyer, Fenja M. Schophaus, Thomas Glassen, Jasmin Riedl, Julia M. Rohrer, Gert G. Wagner, Timo von Oertzen

News of the Graduate Center

News of the Graduate Center

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Flexible Electricity Generation, Grid Exchange and Storage for the Transition to a 100% Renewable Energy System in Europe

Two transition pathways towards a 100% renewable energy (RE) power sector by 2050 are simulated for Europe using the LUT Energy System Transition model. The first is a Regions scenario, whereby regions are modelled independently, and the second is an

In: Renewable Energy 139 (2019), S. 80-101 | Michael Child, Claudia Kemfert, Dmitrii Bogdanov, Christian Breyer
Diskussionspapiere 1800 / 2019

EU Merger Policy Predictability Using Random Forests

I study the predictability of the EC’s merger decision procedure before and after the 2004 merger policy reform based on a dataset covering all affected markets of mergers with an official decision documented by DG Comp between 1990 and 2014. Using

2019| Pauline Affeldt
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The Peer Composition of Pre-School Settings in England and Early Recorded Attainment among Low-Income Children

Evidence suggests that early education can promote children’s development and narrow attainment gaps between those from lower-income and higher-income families. However, realisation of these potential benefits depends on many factors, feasibly ...

In: British Journal of Sociology of Education (2019), im Ersch. [online first: 201902-13] | Kitty Stewart, Tammy Campbell, Ludovica Gambaro
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