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  • DIW Wochenbericht 10 / 2016

    Mandanten von Anwälten wollen kein Stundenhonorar

    Wir analysieren die Vertragswahl von Mandanten bei Auktionen, in denen niederländische Anwaltskanzleien um Fälle konkurrieren. Dabei können Anwälte Angebote mit der von ihnen bevorzugten Honorarregelung einreichen. Die Untersuchung bietet eindeutige Belege dafür, dass Angebote mit Stundenhonorar jene sind, die von den Mandanten am seltensten ausgewählt werden. Unsere Ergebnisse widersprechen dem von ...

    2016| Jo Seldeslachts
  • DIW Weekly Report 39 / 2021

    Only Strict Coronavirus Regulations for Vacationers Affect Passenger Air Traffic between Germany and Mallorca

    Mallorca is the most popular foreign travel destination for German tourists, with almost five million flying to the Balearic island every year. However, the coronavirus pandemic brought passenger air traffic to a virtual standstill in March 2020. Flights to Mallorca resumed in June 2020, but the seat offerings were only between ten and 86 percent of the 2019 level depending on the week. This Weekly ...

    2021| Albert Banal Estañol, Wolfgang Grimme, Sven Maertens, Jo Seldeslachts, Christina Stadler
  • DIW Economic Bulletin 30 / 2017

    The Concentration in the Investor Market Has Intensified: Eight Questions for Jo Seldeslachts

  • DIW Economic Bulletin 30 / 2017

    Changes in Common Ownership of German Companies

    Ownership of publicly listed German companies has undergone significant changes in recent years. The aim of this report is to document these trends since 2007 and analyze the extent to which firms that compete in the same product market are owned by the same investors, which is known as common ownership. We show that some large foreign institutional investors have overtaken domestic investors and now ...

    2017| Jo Seldeslachts, Melissa Newham, Albert Banal-Estanol
  • DIW Economic Bulletin 26/27 / 2016

    Clients Prefer Flat Fee Contracts: Ten Questions to Jo Seldeslachts

  • DIW Economic Bulletin 26/27 / 2016

    Paying by the Hour: The Least Appealing Option for Clients of Lawyers

    In this study, we analyze a client’s choice of contract in auctions where Dutch law firms compete for cases. The distinguishing feature is that lawyers may submit bids with any fee arrangement they wish. We find robust evidence that bids offering hourly rates are less attractive to clients. Our findings tentatively contradict lawyers’ often-made argument that hourly rates are in a client’s best in ...

    2016| Jo Seldeslachts
  • DIW Economic Bulletin 15 / 2016

    EU Competition Policy Enforcement Supports Investment in the Energy Sectors

    Energy sectors—primarily power generation and gas production, but also energy transmission and distribution—require significant capital investment in infrastructure. Market structures as well as the degree of competition and regulation are key factors that determine firms’ incentive to invest. Yet the empirical research on the link between these factors and private investment is still quite scarce, ...

    2016| Tomaso Duso, Jo Seldeslachts, Florian Szücs
  • DIW aktuell ; 53 / 2020

    USA und EU setzen auf lokale Impfstoffproduktion - Versorgungssicherheit im Fokus

    Die Bereitstellung eines sicheren und wirksamen Impfstoffs gegen Covid-19 ist von zentraler Bedeutung für die Aufhebung der Eindämmungsmaßnahmen im öffentlichen Leben. Um den Zugang zu Impfstoffen zu sichern, schließen Regierungen mit Impfstoffunternehmen spezielle Verträge, "Advance Purchase Agreements" (APA), ab. Diese Studie vergleicht die Beschaffungsstrategien der USA und der EU. Es kann festgestellt ...

    2020| Jan Malek, Melissa Newham, Jo Seldeslachts, Marcel Wieting
  • DIW focus 6 / 2020

    US and EU Secure Vaccine Production on Home Soil

    The deployment of a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 will be central to lifting containment measures. In a bid to speed up vaccine deployment, governments are entering into ‘Advance Purchase Agreements’ (APAs) with vaccine companies to secure access to vaccine doses. We document and compare the vaccine procurement strategies of the US and the EU. Most notably, we find that both the US and the ...

    2020| Jan Malek, Melissa Newham, Jo Seldeslachts, Marcel Wieting
  • Diskussionspapiere 2073 / 2024

    Acquiring R&D Projects: Who, When, and What? Evidence from Antidiabetic Drug Development

    This paper analyzes M&A patterns of R&D projects in the antidiabetics industry. For this purpose, we construct a database with all corporate individual antidiabetics R&D projects over the period 1997 - 2017, and add detailed information on firms’ technology dimension using patent information, next to their position in product markets. This allows us to identify the identity of targets and acquirers ...

    2024| Jan Malek, Melissa Newham, Jo Seldeslachts, Reinhilde Veugelers
49 results, from 11