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  • Nicht-referierte Aufsätze

    Wie CO2-Entnahmen helfen können, die Klimaziele zu erreichen

    In: Klima und Recht (2022), 1, S. 18-21 | Friedemann Gruner, Sabine Fuss, Matthias Kalkuhl, Jan Minx, Jessica Strefler, Anne Merfort
  • Externe Monographien

    Pigou’s Advice and Sisyphus’ Warning: Carbon Pricing with Non-Permanent Carbon-Dioxide Removal

    This paper estimates the effect of home high-speed internet on national test scores of students at age 14. We combine comprehensive information on the telecom network, administrative student records, house prices and local amenities in England in a fuzzy spatial regression discontinuity design across invisible telephone exchange catchment areas. Using this strategy, we find that increasing broadband ...

    München: CESifo, 2022, 59 S.
    (CESifo Working Papers ; 10169)
    | Matthias Kalkuhl, Max Franks, Friedemann Gruner, Kai Lessmann, Ottmar Edenhofer
2 results, from 1