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The EU ETS: Eight Years and Counting

This paper provides an introduction to the EU's Emissions Trading System. As such it provides a discussion of the historical and legal context in which the EU ETS developed and now operates, a presentation of the key performance indicators for the first eight years through the end of the second phase in 2012, and some concluding observations on the system's future. The paper is purposively descriptive ...

Florenz: EUI, 2014, 23 S.
(EUI Working Papers: RSCAS ; 2014/04)
| Denny Ellerman, Claudio Marcantonini, Aleksandar Zaklan

Why Do Emitters Trade Carbon Permits? Firm-Level Evidence from the European Emission Trading Scheme

The creation of the EU's Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) has turned the right to emit CO2 into a positively priced intermediate good for the affected firms. Firms thus face the decision whether to source compliance with the EU ETS within their boundaries or to acquire it through the permit trade. However, a combination of internal abatement, free permit allocation and flexibility to shift the use ...

Florenz: EUI, 2013, 23 S.
(EUI Working Papers: RSCAS ; 2013/19)
| Aleksandar Zaklan
Weitere Aufsätze

Research Handbook on Emissions Trading: Edited by Stefan E. Weishaar (Edward Elgar Publisjing 2016) 366 pages ...

In: The Energy Journal 39 (2018), 5, S. 258-260 | Aleksandar Zaklan
63 results, from 61