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Big Banks and Macroeconomic Outcomes: Theory and Cross-Country Evidence of Granularity

Does the mere presence of big banks affect macroeconomic outcomes? In this paper, we develop a theory of granularity (Gabaix, 2011) for the banking sector, introducing Bertrand competition and heterogeneous banks charging variable markups. Using this framework, we show conditions under which idiosyncratic shocks to bank lending can generate aggregate fluctuations in the credit supply when the

Cambridge, Mass.: National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013, 40 S.
(NBER Working Paper Series ; 19093)
| Franziska Bremus, Claudia Buch, Katheryn N. Russ, Monika Schnitzer

Granularity in Banking and Growth: Does Financial Openness Matter?

We explore the impact of large banks and of financial openness for aggregate growth. Large banks matter because of granular effects: if markets are very concentrated in terms of the size distribution of banks, idiosyncratic shocks at the bank-level do not cancel out in the aggregate but can affect macroeconomic outcomes. Financial openness may affect GDP growth in and of itself, and it may also

München: CESifo, 2013, 42 S.
(CESifo Working Papers ; 4356)
| Franziska Bremus, Claudia M. Buch

Unemployment and Portfolio Choice: Does Persistence Matter?

Households can rely on private savings or on public unemployment insurance to hedge against the risk of becoming unemployed. These hedging mechanisms are used differently across countries. In this paper, we use a life cycle model to study the effects of unemployment on the portfolio choice of households in the US and in Germany. We distinguish short- and long-term unemployment and find that, in

Tübingen: IAW, 2011, 53 S.
(IAW Discussion Papers ; 77)
| Franziska Bremus, Vladimir Kuzin
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Mehr Ökonominnen braucht das Land!

In: Makronom (24.06.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Kerstin Bernoth, Franziska Bremus, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Stephanie Ettmeier
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Lieber grenzüberschreitend konsolidieren

In: Fuldaer Zeitung (05.04.2019), S. 4 | Franziska Bremus
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Drivers of Cross-Border Banking since the Global Crisis

In: VoxEU.org (28.01.2015), [Online-Artikel] | Franziska Bremus, Marcel Fratzscher
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Big Banks and Macroeconomic Outcomes

In: VoxEU.org (10.07.2013), [Online-Artikel] | Franziska Bremus, Claudia M. Buch, Katheryn N. Russ, Monika Schnitzer
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