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Diskussionspapiere 1328 / 2013

Policy Efforts for the Development of Storage Technologies in the U.S. and Germany

Recent developments in electricity markets such as the increased deployment of variable renewable generation have prompted renewed interest over the role of energy storage. While storage technologies can in principle provide various benefits for the functioning of an electrical grid, many energy storage technologies are in initial stages of development and demonstration. The role of public policy is ...

2013| Eric Borden, Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 1316 / 2013

Residual Load, Renewable Surplus Generation and Storage Requirements in Germany

We examine the effects of future renewable expansion in Germany on residual load and renewable surplus generation for policy-relevant scenarios for 2022, 2032 and 2050. We also determine the storage capacities required for taking up renewable surpluses for varying levels of accepted curtailment. Making use of extensive sensitivity analyses, our simulations show that the expansion of variable renewables ...

2013| Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 1312 / 2013

Power System Transformation towards Renewables: An Evaluation of Regulatory Approaches for Network Expansion

We analyze various regulatory regimes for electricity transmission investment in the context of a transformation of the power system towards renewable energy. We study distinctive developments of the generation mix with different implications on network congestion, assuming that a shift from conventional power plants towards renewables may go along with exogenous shocks on transmission requirements, ...

2013| Jonas Egerer, Juan Rosellón, Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 1156 / 2011

Economic Effects of Renewable Energy Expansion: A Model-Based Analysis for Germany

Increasing utilization of renewable energy sources (RES) is a priority worldwide. Germany has been a forerunner in the deployment of RES and has ambitious goals for the future. The support and use of renewables affects the economy: It creates business opportunities in sectors producing renewable energy facilities, but also comes along with costs for supporting the deployment of renewables. This paper ...

2011| Jürgen Blazejczak, Frauke G. Braun, Dietmar Edler, Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 1109 / 2011

Regulated Expansion of Electricity Transmission Networks: The Effects of Fluctuating Demand and Wind Generation

We study the performance of different regulatory approaches for the expansion of electricity transmission networks in the light of realistic demand patterns and fluctuating wind power. In particular, we are interested in the relative performance of a combined merchant-regulatory mechanism compared to a cost-based and a merchant-like approach. In contrast to earlier research, we explicitly include both ...

2011| Wolf-Peter Schill, Juan Rosellón, Jonas Egerer
Diskussionspapiere 1097 / 2011

How Emission Certificate Allocations Distort Fossil Investments: The German Example

Despite political activities to foster a low-carbon energy transition, Germany currently sees a considerable number of new coal power plants being added to its power mix. There are several possible drivers for this "dash for coal", but it is widely accepted that windfall profits gained through free allocation of ETS certificates play an important role. Yet the quantification of allocation-related investment ...

2011| Michael Pahle, Lin Fan, Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 1084 / 2010

Electric Vehicles in Imperfect Electricity Markets: A German Case Study

We analyze the impacts of a hypothetical fleet of plug-in electric vehicles on the imperfectly competitive German electricity market with a game-theoretic model. Electric vehicles bring both additional demand and additional storage capacity to the market. We determine their effects on prices, welfare, and electricity generation for various cases with different players being in charge of vehicle operations. ...

2010| Wolf-Peter Schill
Diskussionspapiere 947 / 2009

The Effect of Market Power on Electricity Storage Utilization: The Case of Pumped Hydro Storage in Germany

In this paper, we develop the game-theoretic electricity market model ElStorM that includes the possibility of strategic electricity storage. We apply the model to the German electricity market and analyze different realistic and counterfactual cases of strategic and non-strategic pumped hydro storage utilization by different players. We find that the utilization of storage capacities depends on the ...

2009| Wolf-Peter Schill, Claudia Kemfert
Diskussionspapiere 918 / 2009

Mitigation of Methane Emissions: A Rapid and Cost-Effective Response to Climate Change

Methane is a major anthropogenic greenhouse gas, second only to carbon dioxide (CO2) in its impact on climate change. Methane (CH4) has a high global warming potential that is 25 times as large as the one of CO2 on a 100 year time horizon according to the latest IPCC report. Thus, CH4 contributes significantly to anthropogenic radiative forcing, although it has a relatively short atmospheric perturbation ...

2009| Claudia Kemfert, Wolf-Peter Schill
DIW Roundup 127 / 2019

Ansätze zur Umgestaltung von Abgaben und Umlagen auf Strom sowie Heiz- und Kraftstoffe

In Deutschland sind verschiedene Energieträger derzeit unterschiedlich stark mit Abgaben und Umlagen belastet. Dies gilt sowohl in Bezug auf den Energiegehalt als auch auf die mit der Nutzung verbundenen CO2-Emissionen. Dieses Roundup gibt einen systematischen Überblick über bestehende Vorschläge zur Umgestaltung der Belastungen. Sie zielen meist darauf ab, Strom günstiger zu machen und Heiz- und Kraftstoffe ...

2019| Andrea Dertinger, Wolf-Peter Schill
125 results, from 61