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The Association between CVD-Related Biomarkers and Mortality in the Health and Retirement Survey

Background: It has become increasingly common in multiple purpose general population surveys to integrate different kinds of biomarker in the data collection process.Objective: In this article we test the predictive power of five different functional forms of CVD-related biomarkers for all-cause and CVD mortality in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS).Methods: We use five different functional forms ...

In: Demographic Research 38 (2018), Art. 62, S. 1933-2002 | Hannes Kröger, Rasmus Hoffmann
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Einkommensunterschiede in der Mortalität in Deutschland – Ein empirischer Erklärungsversuch

In dieser Studie gehen wir der Frage nach, welche Faktoren die einkommensbedingten Unterschiede in der Mortalität erklären können. Auf der Basis des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP) werden ereignisanalytische Modelle der Mortalität ab dem Alter 65 geschätzt, die Auskunft über den Mediatoreffekt von acht Faktorenbündeln geben. Als Mediatoren zwischen Einkommen zum Alter 65 und Mortalität werden Bildung, ...

In: Zeitschrift für Soziologie 46 (2017),2, S. 124-146 | Hannes Kröger, Martin Kroh, Lars Eric Kroll, Thomas Lampert
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The Stratifying Role of Job Level for Sickness Absence and the Moderating Role of Gender and Occupational Gender Composition

The study investigates whether sickness absence is stratified by job level - understood as the authority and autonomy a worker holds – beyond the association with education, income, and occupation. A second objective is to establish the moderating role of gender and occupational gender composition on this stratification of sickness absence. Four competing hypotheses are developed that predict different ...

In: Social Science & Medicine 186 (2017), S. 1-9 | Hannes Kröger
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The Long Arm of Childhood Circumstances on Health in Old Age: Evidence from SHARELIFE

Socioeconomic status (SES) and health during childhood have been consistently observed to be associated with health in old age in many studies. However, the exact mechanisms behind these two associations have not yet been fully understood. The key challenge is to understand how childhood SES and health are associated. Furthermore, data on childhood factors and life course mediators are sometimes unavailable, ...

In: Advances in Life Course Research 31 (2017), S. 1-10 | Eduwin Pakpahan, Rasmus Hoffmann, Hannes Kröger
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Geflüchtete machen Fortschritte bei Sprache und Beschäftigung: Zweite Welle der IAB-BAMF-SOEP-Befragung

In: IAB-Kurzbericht (2019), 3, 16 S. | Herbert Brücker, Johannes Croisier, Yuliya Kosyakova, Hannes Kröger, Giuseppe Pietrantuono, Nina Rother, Jürgen Schupp

Unlocking Further Potential in the National Cohort Study (NaKo) through Comparability with the German Socio-Economic Panel

Background: The National Cohort (Nationale Kohorte = NaKo) will be one of the largest cohort studies in Europe to include intensive physical examinations and extensive information about the socio-demographic background and behavior of the subjects. However, regional selectivity of the study and potential learning effects due to the panel structure of the data present challenges for researchers using ...

Berlin: RatSWD, 2014, 14 S.
(RatSWD Working Paper Series ; 237)
| Hannes Kröger, Jürgen Schupp, Johann Behrens
46 results, from 41