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Methane Mitigation

In: Björn Lomborg (Ed.) , Smart Solutions to Climate Change
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
S. 172-197
| Claudia Kemfert, Wolf-Peter Schill
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Mainstreaming von Klimarisiken und -chancen im Finanzsektor

In: Mahammad Mahammadzadeh, Hendrik Biebeler, Hubertus Bardt (Hrsg.) , Klimaschutz und Anpassung an die Klimafolgen
Köln : Inst. d. Dt. Wirtschaft Medien
S. 271-278
| Christoph Bals, Katrin Enting, Daniela Eskelson, Markus Fucik, Kristin Gerber, Armin Haas, Carlo C. Jaeger, Claudia Kemfert, Jette Krause, Johannes Kremers, Kora Kristof, Klaus Milke, Mathias Onischka, Thomas Orbach, R. Ötsch, Wolf-Peter Schill

Markets, Regulation, Policies and Institutions for Transition in the Electricity Sector: Insights from the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub

Melbourne, Potsdam: Energy Transition Hub, 2019, 11 S. | Frank Jotzo, Michael Pahle, Wolf-Peter Schill, Anita Talberg, Kelvin Say, Lion Hirth, Anselm Eicke, Christian Flachsland, Christian Gambardella, Luke Haywood, Andreas Loeschel

When Low Market Values Are No Bad News: On the Coordination of Renewable Support and Real-Time Pricing

We analyze the interactions between different renewable support schemes and the benefits of real-time pricing (RTP) using a stylized economic model with a detailed demand-side representation calibrated to the German market. We find that there are considerable differences between a market premium on energy and capacity regarding wholesale prices, support levies and market values, which are all related ...

Cleveland, Ohio: USAEE, 2015, 24 S.
(USAEE Working Paper Series ; 15-222)
| Michael Pahle, Wolf-Peter Schill, Christian Gambardella, Oliver Tietjen
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A Dispatch and Investment Evaluation Tool with Endogenous Renewables (DIETER)

The Dispatch and Investment Evaluation Tool with Endogenous Renewables (DIETER) has been developed in the research project StoRES to study the role of power storage and other flexibility options in a greenfield setting with high shares of renewables. The model determines cost-minimizing combinations of power generation, demand-side management, and storage capacities and their respective dispatch. DIETER ...

2015, 1 File | Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
125 results, from 121