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Politicians Promotion Incentives and Bank Risk Exposure in China

Mannheim: ZEW, 2015, 52 S.
(Discussion Paper / Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung ; 15-026)
| Li Wang, Lukas Menkhoff, Michael Schröder, Xian Xu

Equity Premium Prediction: Are Economic and Technical Indicators Instable?

We show that technical indicators deliver economic value in predicting the U.S. equity premium. A crucial element of this value stems from the stability of return predictability over the full sample period from 1950 to 2013. Results tentatively improve over time and beat alternatives over sub-periods. By contrast, economic indicators work well only until the 1970s, thereafter they lose predictive

Kiel: IfW, 2015, 42 S.
(Kieler Arbeitspapiere ; 1987)
| Fabian Baetje, Lukas Menkhoff

The Needle in the Haystack: What Drives Labor and Product Market Reforms in Advanced Countries?

The political economy literature has put forward a multitude of hypotheses regarding the drivers of structural reforms, but few, if any, empirically robust findings have emerged thus far. To make progress, we draw a parallel with model uncertainty in the growth literature and provide a new version of the Bayesian averaging of maximum likelihood estimates (BAMLE) technique tailored to binary logit

Washington D.C.: IMF, 2015, 59 S.
(IMF Working Paper ; 18/101)
| Romain A Duval, Davide Furceri, Jakob Miethe
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Foreign Exchange Interventions: Frequent and Effective

In: VoxEU.org (30.06.2016), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher, Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Tobias Stöhr
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Die leere Liste der Steueroasen

In: Fuldaer Zeitung (06.02.2018), S. 4 | Jakob Miethe
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Currency Valuation and Risk Premia

In: VoxEU.org (30.06.2016), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Maik Schmeling, Andreas Schrimpf
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Abwerten in der Endlosschleife

In: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (01.10.2015), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff
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Droht der nächste Abwertungswettlauf?

In: Ökonomenstimme (16.09.2015), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff
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