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Equity Premium Prediction: Are Economic and Technical Indicators Instable?

We show that technical indicators deliver economic value in predicting the U.S. equity premium. A crucial element of this value stems from the stability of return predictability over the full sample period from 1950 to 2013. Results tentatively ...

Kiel: IfW, 2015, 42 S.
(Kieler Arbeitspapiere ; 1987)
| Fabian Baetje, Lukas Menkhoff

The Needle in the Haystack: What Drives Labor and Product Market Reforms in Advanced Countries?

The political economy literature has put forward a multitude of hypotheses regarding the drivers of structural reforms, but few, if any, empirically robust findings have emerged thus far. To make progress, we draw a parallel with model uncertainty in

Washington D.C.: IMF, 2015, 59 S.
(IMF Working Paper ; 18/101)
| Romain A Duval, Davide Furceri, Jakob Miethe
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Foreign Exchange Interventions: Frequent and Effective

In: VoxEU.org (30.06.2016), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher, Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Tobias Stöhr
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Die leere Liste der Steueroasen

In: Fuldaer Zeitung (06.02.2018), S. 4 | Jakob Miethe
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Currency Valuation and Risk Premia

In: VoxEU.org (30.06.2016), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Maik Schmeling, Andreas Schrimpf
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Abwerten in der Endlosschleife

In: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (01.10.2015), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Droht der nächste Abwertungswettlauf?

In: Ökonomenstimme (16.09.2015), [Online-Artikel] | Lukas Menkhoff
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