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Topic Survey Methodology and Data-Science

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Internet, Information Culture and a Diverse Public: The Case of Statistical Databases

In: Ralph Friedmann, Lothar Knüppel, Helmut Lütkepohl (Hrsg.) , Econometric Studies
Münster ; Hamburg : Lit-Verl.
S. 381-394
Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung und Ökonometrie ; 8
| Hansjörg Haas
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to the World's Household Panel Data Sets

In: The Australian Economic Review 34 (2001), 3, S. 356-366 | John P. Haisken-DeNew
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Evaluation of a Pseudo-R2 Measure for Panel Probit Models

A simulation study designed to evaluate the pseudo-R2T proposed in an earlier paper by Spiess and Keller suggests that, for the models considered, this measure represents the goodness of fit not only of the systematic part, but also of the assumed correlation structure in binary panel probit models.

In: British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology 54 (2001), 2, S. 325-333 | Martin Spieß
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The Link between Producers and Users of Official Statistics

In: Sigma (2001), 2, S. 30-32 | Reiner Stäglin
Diskussionspapiere 249 / 2001

Autonomous Organization of the (International) Scientific Community Would Simplify Data Protection in the Social Sciences and Encourage Reanalysis

In den Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften besteht ohne die Moeglichkeit einer Re-Analyse von statistischen Ergebnissen (gleichermaßen amtlichen wie nicht-amtlichen) die Gefahr von nicht entdeckten Irrtuemern. Mit anderen Worten: Re- Analysen sind in der Wissenschaft die "Berufungsinstanz", ohne die es keine funktionierende Scientific Community geben kann. Der Schutz vor fehlerhaften wissenschaftlichen ...

2001| Gert G. Wagner
Diskussionspapiere 245 / 2001

Estimating Causal Effects with Matching Methods in the Presence and Absence of Bias Cancellation

This paper explores the implications of possible bias cancellation using Rubin-style matching methods with complete and incomplete data. After reviewing the naïve causal estimator and the approaches of Heckman and Rubin to the causal estimation problem, we show how missing data can complicate the estimation of average causal effects in different ways, depending upon the nature of the missing mechanism. ...

2001| Thomas A. DiPrete, Henriette Engelhardt
Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze 2001

Documentation: The Data File BIOJOB

2001| Mathis Schröder, Farina Schreiber
Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze 2001

BIOIMMIG: Generated and Status Variables from GSOEP for Foreigners and Migrants

2001| John P. Haisken-DeNew