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Economic Bulletin 3 / 1997

Russia and the Ukraine: the State of the Banking Sector Remains Precarious

1997| Mechthild Schrooten, Ulrich Thießen
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1996

How Important Are the Fiscal Policy Convergence Criteria

1996| Marcel Stremme
Economic Bulletin 10 / 1996

The 1996/97 Budget: Fiscal Policy Still Treading a Narrow Path

1996| Dieter Teichmann, Dieter Vesper

Aspects of Transition to Market Economies in Eastern Europe

Aldershot [u.a.]: Avebury, 1996, XI, 182 S. | Ulrich Thiessen
Gutachten / 1995

Economic Consequences of German Unification and its Policy Implications for Korea: Final Report ; Final Version

1995| Heiner Flassbeck (Head of Project), Gustav A. Horn, Manfred Melzer, Volker Meinhardt, Rudolf Nahrstedt, Reinhard Pohl, Wolfgang Scheremet, Frank Stille, Dieter Vesper, Rudolf Zwiener
738 results, from 731