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An Investigation into the 1999 Collapse of the Brazilian Real

In: Economia internazionale 56 (2003), 2, S. 193-206 | Omar F. Saqib
Diskussionspapiere 308 / 2002

Optimal Fiscal Policy in an Economy Facing Socio-Political Instability

We present a model of optimal government policy when policy choices may exacerbate socio-political instability (SPI). We show that optimal policy that takes into account SPI transforms a standard concave growth model into a model with both a poverty trap and endogenous growth. The resulting equilibrium dynamics inherit the properties of government policies and need not be monotone. Indeed, for a broad ...

2002| Chetan Ghate, Quan Vu Le, Paul J. Zak

Currency Crises in Emerging Economies: Essays in International Macroeconomics

Joensuu: Joensuun yliopisto, 2002, VII, 145 S.
(Joensuun yliopiston yhteiskuntatieteellisiä julkaisuja ; 54)
| Omar Farooq Saqib
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Contribution of Local Public Infrastructure to Private Productivity and Its Political Economy: Evidence from a Panel of Large German Cities

This paper proposes a simultaneous-equation approach to theestimation of the contribution of infrastructure accumulationto private production. A political economy model for theallocation of public infrastructure investment grants isformulated. Our empirical findings, using a panel of largeGerman cities for the years 1980,1986, and 1988, suggest thatcities ruled by a council sharing the State (`Bundesland')government's ...

In: Public Choice 113 (2002), 3-4, S. 403-424 | Achim Kemmerling, Andreas Stephan
Economic Bulletin 10 / 2002

The Economic Consequences of the New Global Terrorism

2002| Tilman Brück
Economic Bulletin 11 / 2002

The Asia Crisis - Five Years On

2002| Mechthild Schrooten
Diskussionspapiere 303 / 2002

Interpreting Currency Crises: A Review of Theory, Evidence, and Issues

The main objective of this paper is to understand the causes and symptoms of currency crises by reviewing its seminal literature, establishing its determinants, and outlining some of the relevant issues. The paper highlights the need to comprehend the process, which may lead to the inconsistency of the policies and render the situation favourable for a speculative attack. This involves, broadening ...

2002| Omar F. Saqib
Diskussionspapiere 304 / 2002

An Investigation into the 1999 Collapse of the Brazilian Real

This study argues that the political considerations were an important factor behind the crisis of the Brazilian real in January 1999. The divided coalition government and a president facing impending elections eschewed the correction of external misalignments and the fiscal austerity at a time when the markets were already excited by the 1997-98 East Asian and 1998 Russian financial crises. The hypothesis ...

2002| Omar F. Saqib
Economic Bulletin 4 / 2002

A National Stability Pact - How Can it Be Achieved

2002| Dieter Vesper
726 results, from 691