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Economic Bulletin 7 / 1997

The Use of Tax Allowances to Reduce Competitive Disadvantages Resulting from Ecological Tax Reform

1997| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Bernhard Seidel
Economic Bulletin 6 / 1997

Tax Reform 1998/99: No Breakthrough in the Fight against Unemployment

1997| Dieter Teichmann, Rudolf Zwiener
Weitere Aufsätze

Economic Effects of an Ecological Tax reform

In: Olav Hohmeyer (Hrsg.) , Social Costs and Sustainability
Berlin [u.a.] : Springer
S. 451-464
| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Barbara Praetorius
Economic Bulletin 10 / 1995

Public Spending 1995/96: Tax Solutions Remain Unsatisfactory

1995| Dieter Teichmann, Dieter Vesper
Economic Bulletin 2 / 1995

Has German Fiscal Policy Reform Run Out of Stream? Editorial

1995| Bernhard Seidel
Economic Bulletin 7 / 1994

Ecological Tax Reform even if Germany Has to Go It Alone

The need to realise sustainable economic development, which preserves the basis for human existence, is now widely recognised. Natural resources must be used more economically and the burden on the environment eased. The traditional instruments of environmental policy, in particular the use of regulatory law dominant in Germany, are inadequate for this purpose and induce economic costs which are unnecessarily ...

1994| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Barbara Praetorius
352 results, from 341