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Economic Bulletin 1 / 1999

Can Fiscal Expansion Avoid Danger of Deflation? Editorial

1999| Lutz Hoffmann
Diskussionspapiere 169 / 1998

Germany's Slump Explaining the Unemployment Crisis of the 1990s

According to a widespread view, Germany's unemployment crisis is caused by rigid labour markets, low profitability and increasing international competition. We argue that this view does not provide a convincing explanation for the dramatic rise in Germany's unemployment rate since 1989, first because no distinction is drawn between the situation in the Eastern part of Germany and that in the Western ...

1998| Ludger Lindlar, Wolfgang Scheremet
Economic Bulletin 5 / 1998

The Effect of the Increase in VAT on Private Households

1998| Klaus-Dietrich Bedau, Stefan Fahrländer, Bernhard Seidel, Dieter Teichmann
Economic Bulletin 10 / 1998

Government Budgets 1998/99: The Need for a Change of Course

1998| Dieter Teichmann, Dieter Vesper

Germany's Slump: Explaining the Unemployment Crisis of the 1990s

Amsterdam: Duitsland Inst., 1998, 76 S.
(Duitsland Cahier ; 3)
| Ludger Lindlar, Wolfgang Scheremet

The Price of Energy

Aldershot [u.a.]: Dartmouth, 1997, XXV, 162 S.
(DIW Series)
| Greenpeace e.V., Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Eds.)
Economic Bulletin 6 / 1997

Tax Reform 1998/99: No Breakthrough in the Fight against Unemployment

1997| Dieter Teichmann, Rudolf Zwiener
352 results, from 331