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Seminar of Macro Department

Scarcity and Reuse of Collateral in the European Repo Market

17.03.2021| Justus Inhoffen
Seminar of Macro Department

Firm heterogeneity and capital markets

03.03.2021| Tobias König
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

The Declining Worker Power Hypothesis

23.02.2021| Anna Stansbury, Harvard University

Libra, Bitcoin & Co. – Determinants of Non-cash Payments and Alternative Money

Crypto currencies are booming. Data collection by Fintecs and other internet based companies isreality. Non-cash payments are common in many countries. Financial literacy is getting more andmore important for the economic life and understanding of transactions. The transformation of the monetary system towards more non-cash payments was part of this dynamic response to the necessary reduction of personal ...

18.02.2021| Dorothea Schäfer
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Dollar Demand and International Risk Sharing (with Rohan Kekre)

02.02.2021| Moritz Lenel, Princeton University
Seminar of Macro Department

Fatal austerity: the economic consequences of Heinrich Brüning

20.01.2021| Stephanie Ettmeier
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