Topic Labor and Employment

1893 results, from 1881
Diskussionspapiere 50 / 1992

The Effect of Unemployment Compensation on Unemployment Duration in Germany

1992| Jennifer Hunt
Gutachten / 1992

Adjustment of Industrial Employment in the Underdeveloped (Agricultural) Regions

1992| Balázs Botos (Project Manager), Adám Török (Ed.), Judit Vanyai, Joelle Barreau, Karl Brenke (u.a.)
Diskussionspapiere 32 / 1991

A Two Decade Comparison of Work after Retirement in the United States

1991| Kathryn Anderson, Richard Burkhauser, George Slotsve
Diskussionspapiere 34 / 1991

Incomes in East and West Germany on the Eve of Union: Some Results Based on the German Socio-Economic Panel

1991| Richard Hauser, Klaus Müller, Gert G. Wagner, Joachim R. Frick
Diskussionspapiere 35 / 1991

Economic Aspects of German Unification

1991| Heiner Flassbeck, Wolfgang Scheremet
Diskussionspapiere 30 / 1991

Some New Insights on the Interindustry Wage Structure from the German Socio-Economic Panel

This paper investigates the interindustry wage structure in the 1985 wave of the German Socioeconomic Panel. In addition to the usual controls, this survey contains detailed information on job characteristics and work conditions. Interaction of industry affiliation is significant with several individual attributes, especially job tenure; homogeneity of earnings equations across these attributes is ...

1991| Michael C. Burda

Technological Change and Employment: Innovation in the German Economy

Berlin: de Gruyter, 1990, 384 S. | Ronald Schettkat, Michael Wagner (Ed.)
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The Effects of Research and Development on Employment, Prices and Foreign Trade

In: Ronald Schettkat, Michael Wagner (Ed.) , Technological Change and Employment
Berlin : de Gruyter
S. 171-189
| Georg Erber, Gustav A. Horn
1893 results, from 1881