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  • Diskussionspapiere 844 / 2008

    Food Price Inflation and Children's Schooling

    I analyze the impact of food price inflation on parental decisions to send their children to school. Moreover, I use the fact that food crop farmers and cotton farmers were exposed differently to that shock to estimate the income elasticity of school enrolment. The results suggest that the shock-induced loss in purchasing power had an immediate effect on enrolment rates. Instrumental variable estimates ...

    2008| Michael Grimm
  • Diskussionspapiere 845 / 2008

    Representing GASPEC with the World Gas Model

    This paper presents results of simulating a more collusive behavior of a group of natural gas producing and exporting countries, sometimes called GASPEC. We use the World Gas Model, a dynamic, strategic representation of world gas production, trade, and consumption between 2005 and 2030. In particular, we simulate a closer cooperation of the GASPEC countries when exporting pipeline gas and liquefied ...

    2008| Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Steven A. Gabriel
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Financial Implications

    In: Global Investments for Climate and Energy Security
    Potsdam : European Climate Forum
    S. 21-23
    ECF Background Paper ; 1
    | Claudia Kemfert
  • Weekly Report 1 / 2008

    Russia: Inadequate Priority Given to Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

    Russian energy production has increased substantially in recent years, with production of natural gas now actually exceeding the levels reached in the early 1990s. The growth in energy production has gone hand in hand with a rise in Russian energy exports. The European Union is an extremely important sales area for Russia. Vice versa, energy deliveries from Russia account for a very sizable share of ...

    2008| Hella Engerer, Claudia Kemfert
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    The Prospects for Liquefied Natural Gas Development in the US

    The objective of our paper is to analyze the prospects for LNG development in the US. In particular, we discuss LNG investment projects with respect to natural gas supply and demand, existing transmission infrastructure, and competing pipeline projects. At the same time potential competition between natural gas and coal in power generation is taken into account. We conclude that in the mid-term, LNG ...

    In: Energy Policy 36 (2008), 8, S. 3160-3168 | Sophia Rüster, Anne Neumann
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    A Strategic Model of European Gas Supply (GASMOD)

    This paper presents a model of the European natural gas supply, GASMOD, which is structured as a two-stage-game of successive natural gas exports to Europe (upstream market) and wholesale trade within Europe (downstream market) and which explicitly includes infrastructure capacities. We compare three possible market scenarios: Cournot competition in both markets, perfect competition in both markets, ...

    In: Energy Economics 30 (2008), 3, S. 766-788 | Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert
  • Weekly Report 12 / 2008

    Causes and Consequences of Rising Food Prices

    Since mid 2007 there has been a dramatic rise in prices for basic foods such as internationally traded varieties of rice, corn and wheat. At the moment, it is rather impossible to estimate how far speculation in the commodity markets has contributed to this development. Irrespective of this, a long-term solution to present and future supply shortfalls, including investment in more efficient agro-technologies ...

    2008| Georg Erber, Martin Petrick, Vanessa von Schlippenbach
  • Weekly Report 10 / 2008

    Moving towards a "COAL-PEC"?

    Coal has for many years been considered as a resource of the past and as a result its importance has been underestimated. Yet coal still is the main pillar for generating electricity in most countries: A quarter of the worldwide primary energy consumption is provided by coal. While the world's largest coal producers, China, the USA and India, are at the same time the largest consumers of coal. Smaller ...

    2008| Clemens Haftendorn, Christian von Hirschhausen, Franziska Holz
  • Diskussionspapiere 732 / 2007

    A Complementarity Model for the European Natural Gas Market

    In this paper, we present a detailed and comprehensive complementarity model for computing market equilibrium values in the European natural gas system. Market players include producers and their marketing arms which we call "transmitters", pipeline and storage operators, marketers, LNG liquefiers, regasifiers, tankers, and three end-use consumption sectors. The economic behavior of producers, transmitters, ...

    2007| Ruud Egging, Steven A. Gabriel, Franziska Holz, Jifang Zhuang
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Asymmetric Strategic Investment Behavior in Network Industries: The Case of Natural Gas Distribution in Norway

    In: Wolfgang Franz, Rainer Winkelmann, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds.) , Energy Markets
    Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
    S. 69-81
    Applied Economics Quarterly Supplement : Beihefte der Konjunkturpolitik ; 58
    | Reinhard Madlener, Pio Baake
580 results, from 481