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Economic Bulletin 4 / 1997

The Employment Effects of Environmental Protection in Germany

1997| Jürgen Blazejczak, Dietmar Edler
Weitere Aufsätze

Methodological Aspects of Environmental Labour Market Analysis

In: Eckart Hildebrandt, Andrea Oates (Eds.) , Work, Employment and Environment
Berlin : WZB
S. 49-66
| Jürgen Blazejczak, Dietmar Edler
Economic Bulletin 9 / 1996

The Nuclear Threat to the Environment in Russia

1996| Ulrich Weißenburger
Economic Bulletin 5 / 1995

German Industry's Voluntary Commitment to reduce CO2 Emissions - No Substitute for an Active Policy Against Cimate Change

1995| Michael Kohlhaas, Barbara Praetorius, Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Economic Bulletin 2 / 1995

Environmental Problems and Environmental Protection in Estonia

1995| Ulrich Weißenburger
518 results, from 511