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  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Carbon Capture and Storage vs. Energy Efficiency: Incompatible Antagonists or Indispensable Allies?

    In: Saving Energy - Just Do It
    La Colle sur Loup : eceee
    | Barbara Praetorius, Katja Schumacher
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Asymmetric Strategic Investment Behavior in Network Industries: The Case of Natural Gas Distribution in Norway

    In: Wolfgang Franz, Rainer Winkelmann, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds.) , Energy Markets
    Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
    S. 69-81
    Applied Economics Quarterly Supplement : Beihefte der Konjunkturpolitik ; 58
    | Reinhard Madlener, Pio Baake
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    How Dominant Is Russia on the European Natural Gas Market? Results from Modeling Exercises

    In: Wolfgang Franz, Rainer Winkelmann, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds.) , Energy Markets
    Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
    S. 85-101
    Applied Economics Quarterly Supplement : Beihefte der Konjunkturpolitik ; 58
    | Franziska Holz
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Impacts of High Energy Prices on Long-Term Energy-Economic Scenarios for Germany

    Im Internet verfügbar unter:

    In: Leif Soenderberg Petersen, Hans Larsen (Eds.) , Energy Solutions for Sustainable Development
    Roskilde : Risoe National Laboratory / Technical University of Denmark
    S. 43-54
    | Volker Krey, Dag Martinsen, Peter Markewitz, Manfred Horn, Felix Chr. Matthes, Verena Graichen, Ralph O. Harthan, Julia Repenning
  • Weekly Report 3 / 2007

    Comprehensive Package of Climate Protection Measures Could Substantially Decrease Cost of Emission Reductions in Germany

    Seeking to play a pioneering role in climate protection, the European Union has decided to pursue a reduction of at least 20% in greenhouse-gas emissions (on 1990 levels) by the year 2020. Moreover, Europe has declared its willingness to commit itself to emission reductions of 30% over the same period if other developed countries commit themselves to similar targets and if developing countries also ...

    2007| Claudia Kemfert, Thure Traber, Truong P. Truong
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Impact Assessment of Emissions Stabilization Scenarios with and without Induced Technological Change

    The main aim of this paper is to investigate quantitatively the economic impacts of emissions stabilization scenarios with and without the inclusion of induced technological change (ITC). Improved technological innovations are triggered by increased research and development (R&D) expenditures that advance energy efficiencies. Model results show that ITCs due to increased investment in R&D reduce compliance ...

    In: Energy Policy 35 (2007), 11, S. 5337-5345 | Claudia Kemfert, Truong P. Truong
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Convergence of European Spot Market Prices for Natural Gas? A Real-Time Analysis of Market Integration Using the Kalman Filter

    This letter provides a textbook example of an econometric analysis of the integration between two commodity markets and the subsequent price convergence or absence thereof. Price relations between spot markets are analysed for natural gas in Europe. The European market for natural gas is currently undergoing a liberalization process with the aim of creating a single, unified market. Time-varying coefficient ...

    In: Applied Economics Letters 13 (2006), 11, S. 727-732 | Anne Neumann, Boriss Siliverstovs, Christian von Hirschhausen
  • Diskussionspapiere 551 / 2006

    A Strategic Model of European Gas Supply (GASMOD)

    Structural changes in the European natural gas market such as liberalization, increasing demand, and growing import dependency have triggered new attempts to model this market accurately. This paper presents a model of the European natural gas supply, GASMOD, which is structured as a two-stagegame of successive natural gas exports to Europe (upstream market) and wholesale trade within Europe (downstream ...

    2006| Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert
  • Diskussionspapiere 552 / 2006

    Long-Term Contracts and Asset Specificity Revisited: An Empirical Analysis of Producer-Importer Relations in the Natural Gas Industry

    In this paper, we analyze structural changes in long-term contracts in the international trade of natural gas. Using a unique data set of 262 long-term contracts between natural gas producers and importers, we estimate the impact of different institutional, structural and technical variables on the duration of contracts. We find that contract duration decreases as the market structure of the industry ...

    2006| Anne Neumann, Christian von Hirschhausen
  • Diskussionspapiere 597 / 2006

    Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe: Effects of Russian Gas Market Reforms and the Rising Market Power of Gazprom

    Gazprom, the dominant gas company in Russia, is widely believed to be the key supplier of gas to Europe in the foreseeable future. However, there are numerous uncertainties and challenges within the Russian and European gas industry that may alter the allocation of Gazprom´s gas sales between domestic and export markets. In this paper we use both theoretical and numerical models to study potential ...

    2006| Eirik Lund Sagen, Marina Tsygankova
580 results, from 491