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Interactions between Climate and Trade Policies: A Survey

In: Journal of World Trade 38 (2004), 4, 701-724 | Marzio Galeotti, Claudia Kemfert
Economic Bulletin 10 / 2004

Worldwide Climate Protection Policy: Still No Visible Success

2004| Hans-Joachim Ziesing
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Does the CDM Contribute to Sustainable Development? Evidence from the AIJ Pilot Phase

In: International Journal of Sustainable Development 7 (2004), 4, S. 353-368 | Julia Barrera, Reimund Schwarze
Diskussionspapiere 347 / 2003

Improving the Institutional Structures for Disseminating Energy Efficiency in Emerging Nations: Energy Agencies in South Africa

Emerging nations are typically characterized by high energy intensities despite significant energy efficiency potentials and numerous project oriented efforts to introduce energy-efficient technologies. The paper argues that successful technology dissemination needs appropriate institutional structures to reduce the related transaction cost. While a project-by-project approach risks to evaporate after ...

2003| Barbara Praetorius, Jan W. Bleyl
Economic Bulletin 9 / 2003

Will the EU 15 Really Meet Their Kyoto Target? Editorial

2003| Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Diskussionspapiere 374 / 2003

National Climate Change Policy: Are the New German Energy Policy Initiatives in Conflict with WTO Law?

This paper addresses German energy policy instruments and their compatibility with WTO rules. Germany and the EU are forerunners in international climate change policy and driving forces behind the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. German energy policy includes approaches to foster electricity generation from renewable resources. Our major question is whether both the policy tools currently applied (standards, ...

2003| Susanne Dröge, Harald Trabold, Frank Biermann, Frédéric Böhm, Rainer Brohm
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Disseminating Energy Efficient Technologies in Emerging Nations: The Case for Energy Agencies in South Africa

In: Time to Turn Down Energy Demand: Energy Intelligent Solutions for Climate, Security and Sustainable Development ; eceee 2003 Summer Study ; Proceedings
Stockholm : eceee
S. 117-129
| Barbara Praetorius, Jan W. Bleyl
Economic Bulletin 10 / 2003

Greenhouse Gases on the Increase Worldwide: No Turnaround in Sight

2003| Hans-Joachim Ziesing
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Activities Implemented Jointly: Evidence on Recent Developments

In: Energy & Environment 14 (2003), 6, S. 823-840 | Julia Barrera, Reimund Schwarze
498 results, from 471