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Energy Efficiency and Electricity Sector Restructuring in South Africa

In: Journal of Energy in Southern Africa 9 (1998), 2, S. 50-57 | Barbara Praetorius, A. A. Eberhard, C. Van Horen
Economic Bulletin 9 / 1998

The Energy Sector in the Caspian Sea Region: Disappointed Hopes - Uncertain Prospects

1998| Hella Engerer, Christian von Hirschhausen
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Post-Soviet Gas Sector Restructuring in the CIS: a Political Economy Approach

This paper analyses progress and obstacles to gas sector reform in the most important CIS-countries (Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), taking a political economy perspective. This reform process is embedded in a very specific post-Soviet institutional framework stemming from the legacy of socialism. Firstly, we review the evolution of the gas sector for the period 1992-1998. The paper then ...

In: Energy Policy 26 (1998), 15, S. 1113-1123 | Christian von Hirschhausen, Hella Engerer

Energy and the Environment: Integrated Resource Planning ; Tools and Methods ; Vol. 6 ; Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Cape Town, South Africa 11- 15 May 1998

Berlin: Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, 1998, 143 S. | Barbara Praetorius, Randall Fecher (Eds.)

Greenhouse Gas Impacts of DSM: Emission Reduction through Energy Efficiency Interventions in Low-Income Urban Households

Cape Town: Energy & Development Research Centre, 1998, 26 S.
(EDRC Report Series)
| Barbara Praetorius, Randall Spalding-Fecher
Economic Bulletin 10 / 1997

The Challenges Facing Energy and Climate Change Policy in South Africa

1997| Barbara Praetorius
Economic Bulletin 7 / 1997

The Use of Tax Allowances to Reduce Competitive Disadvantages Resulting from Ecological Tax Reform

1997| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Bernhard Seidel
Diskussionspapiere 155 / 1997

Regulatory Reform in the Energy Industry of Post-Soviet Countries: Same Name, Different Content

This paper analyses the issues of regulatory reform in the energy industry of post- Soviet countries. We identify the characteristics of the transformation that these countries go through: it is the introduction of a) a new legal culture and b) a capitalist rationality of production in societies embedded in a post-Soviet institutional context. We identify existing models to which these countries' regulations ...

1997| Thomas W. Wälde, Christian von Hirschhausen

The Price of Energy

Aldershot [u.a.]: Dartmouth, 1997, XXV, 162 S.
(DIW Series)
| Greenpeace e.V., Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Eds.)

ExternE National Implementation Germany: Final Report

Brussels: European Commission, 1997, 8, 100, 73 S. | Wolfram Krewitt, Petra Mayerhofer, Rainer Friedrich, Alfred Trukenmüller, Thomas Heck, Alexander Greßmann,Fotis Raptis, Frank Kaspar, Jürgen Sachau, Klaus Rennings, Jochen Diekmann, Barbara Praetorius
1103 results, from 1091