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Topic Competition and Regulation

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The Internet's Impact on the Market for Antiquarian Books: Some Unexpected Empirical Results

In: Thorsten Wichmann (Hrsg.) , Economics and the Internet II
Berlin : Berlecon Research
S. 59-63
| Björn Frank, Guntram R. M. Hepperle
Diskussionspapiere 280 / 2002

Riding the Transition Roller-Coaster: Flexibility and the Inter-Industry Wage Structure in Russia

This paper examines the changes in the inter-industry wage structure experienced by Russia since 1993, as part of its transition from a plan-based economy to a more \market oriented" structure. Using two Russian household panel data sets, the RLMS and the RUSSET, we _nd that since the transformation process began, the dispersion of inter-industry wage structure has increased. Moreover, Russia exhibits ...

2002| Ingo Geishecker, John P. Haisken-DeNew
Diskussionspapiere 295 / 2002

Managerial Incentives, Innovation and Product Market Competition

This paper investigates the strategic value of the managerial incentive scheme in affecting firms' incentive in R&D investment and their product market activities. Firstly, we find that in Cournot-quantity competition, owners strategically assign a non-profitmaximization objective to their managers. Consequently, managers in a delegation game invest more in cost-reducing R&D, and have higher output, ...

2002| Zhentang Zhang
Diskussionspapiere 286 / 2002

German Exports to the Euro Area

The growth of the German economy intrinsically depends on the development of German exports to the euro area, which is by far the biggest market for German products. The paper estimates a structural equation for the export demand from the EMU member countries, which is suitable for both simulations and short-term forecasts. However, the equation systematically underestimates the export demand for data ...

2002| Sabine Stephan
Economic Bulletin 8 / 2002

The InnoRegio Programme: Implementing the Promotion and Developing the Networks

2002| Alexander Eickelpasch, Martina Kauffeld, Ingo Pfeiffer
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Coordination Failure with Multiple-Source Lending: The Cost of Protection against a Powerful Lender

We analyze how a firm might protect quasirents in an environment of imperfect capital markets, where switching lenders is costly to the borrower, and contracts are incomplete. As switching costs make the firm vulnerable to ex post exploitation, it may want to diversify lending. Multiple-source lending, however, suffers from coordination failure. An uncoordinated withdrawal of funds will force a financially ...

In: Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 158 (2002), 2, S. 256-275 | Franz Hubert, Dorothea Schäfer
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The E.ON/Ruhrgas Merger and Competition: A View from Germany

In: Oxford Energy Forum (2002), 51, S. 12-14 | Hans-Joachim Ziesing
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Shaping Future Growth in the Energy Sector's Changed Competitive Environment

In: Annual Report and Accounts 2001 / swb-AG
Bremen : swb AG
S. 4-7
| Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Diskussionspapiere 231 / 2001

Erosion of Monopoly Power due to the Emergence of Linux

The emergence and market success of Linux in recent years has been impressive. Contrary to common belief, commercial enterprises are active only in the provision of services (including distribution) related to Linux. The emergence of this service market has paved the way for Linux to become a low-cost product and a serious competitor in formerly monopolistic market segments. This paper demonstrates ...

2001| Jürgen Bitzer
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