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Topic Competition and Regulation

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The German InnoRegio-Program as a New Way to Promote Regional Innovative Networks: Lessons for Transforming Countries

In: Branko Katalinic, Ivica Veza, Bozenko Bilic (Eds.) , Proceedings of the 3rd DAAAM International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Developing Countries
Split : University of Split
S. 369-374
| Alexander Eickelpasch

Trends in Infrastructure Regulation and Financing: International Experience and Case Studies from Germany

Cheltenham [u.a.]: Edward Elgar, 2004, XIV, 295 S. | Christian von Hirschhausen, Thorsten Beckers, Kay Mitusch (Eds.)
Diskussionspapiere 436 / 2004

Corporate Self-Regulation vs. Ex-Ante Regulation of Network Access: A Model of the German Gas Sector

This paper compares the outcomes of corporate self-regulation and traditional ex-ante regulation of network access to monopolistic bottlenecks. In the model of self-regulation, the domestic gas supplier and network owner and the monopsonistic gas customer fix quantities and the network access price, whereas the competitive fringe of foreign gas producers (third party) and the household customers are ...

2004| Georg Meran, Christian von Hirschhausen
Weitere Aufsätze

Rail Infrastructure Charging and On-Track Competition in Germany

In: International Journal of Transport Management 2 (2004), 1, S. 17-27 | Heike Link
Diskussionspapiere 402 / 2004

Competition with Congestible Networks

We analyse competition between two network providers when the quality of each network depends negatively on the number of customers connected to that network. With respect to price competition we provide a sufficient condition for the existence of a unique pure strategy Nash equilibrium. Comparative statics show that as the congestion effect gets stronger quantities will decrease and prices increase, ...

2004| Pio Baake, Kay Mitusch
Diskussionspapiere 432 / 2004

Cartel Stability and Economic Integration

This paper investigates the effect of economic integration on the ability of firms to maintain a collusive understanding about staying out of each other's markets. The paper distinguishes among different types of trade costs: ad valorem, unit, fixed. It is shown that for a sufficient reduction of ad valorem trade costs, a cartel supported by collusion on either quantities or prices will be weakened, ...

2004| Philipp J. H. Schröder
Diskussionspapiere 359 / 2003

Innovation Clusters: Combining Physical and Virtual Links

Innovation is increasingly seen as a collective action which involves many different actors operating in a cluster context. These clusters are usually conceived as local agglomerations. In this paper it will be argued that they are an important tool to study innovation, but the globalisation of companies and markets and the specific requirements of innovation processes require the expansion of cluster ...

2003| Brigitte Preissl
Diskussionspapiere 363 / 2003

Competition and Innovation in a Technology Setting Software Duopoly

Recently the software industry has experienced fundamental changes in market structure through the entry of open source competitors, e.g. Linux's entry into the operating systems market. In a simple model we examine the effects of such a change in market structure from monopoly to duopoly under the assumption that software producers compete in technology rather than price or quantities. The model includes ...

2003| Jürgen Bitzer, Philipp J. H. Schröder
Diskussionspapiere 365 / 2003

Price Cost Margins and Exporting Behaviour: Evidence from Firm Level Data

This paper examines whether exporting activity matters for firm's price cost margins. The recent literature on exporting and productivity shows that exporters on average are more efficient than nonexporters. If that is the case we may also expect them to have different mark-ups. We investigate this issue using company level data for UK manufacturing industries. The measurement of mark-ups follows the ...

2003| Holger Görg, Frederic Warzynski
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