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Topic Competition and Regulation

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Diskussionspapiere 145 / 1996

Deregulation and Enterprization in Central and Eastern Telecommunication - a Benchmark for the West?

The restructuring of telecommunication in Central and Eastern Europe occurs at a time when the classical structures of telecommunication are falling apart worldwide. Coming from the socialist system in which telecommunication did not exist as an independent economic activity, the Eastern European countries have created specific "post-socialist" modes of reform, often outdoing Western countries in terms ...

1996| Christian von Hirschhausen
Weitere Aufsätze

The Influence of Community Regulation on National Regulation in Telecommunications Markets

In: Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali 103 (1995), gennaio-marzo, S. 184-208 | Andrea Costa, Enzo Pontarollo, Brigitte Preißl
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 1/2 / 1994

How East Germans Fared Through Reunication: Accounting for Inflation and Economic Decontrol

1994| Edward J. Bird
666 results, from 661