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Topic Competition and Regulation

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Economic Bulletin 7 / 2000

Deregulation Leads to Marked Reductions in the Price of Telephone Services and Electricity

2000| Georg Erber, Manfred Horn
Economic Bulletin 7 / 2000

Power Exchanges in the Liberalised Electricity Market

2000| Barbara Praetorius
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Enterprise Reform and Competition Analysis in the Post-socialist Context: Analytical Framework and Stylized Facts

In: Christian von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Bitzer (Eds.) , The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe
Cheltenham [u.a.] : Elgar
S. 37-55
| Christian von Hirschhausen
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 4 / 1999

Deregulation and Regulation in the European Power Market

1999| Martin Kreuzberg, Christoph Riechmann
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Does Germany Have the 'World's Highest Wage Costs'?

In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 218 (1999), 5+6, S. 745-752 | Ludger Lindlar, Wolfgang Scheremet
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European Merger Control, Political Discretion, and Efficient Market Structures

In: Dennis C. Mueller, Alfred H. Deutsch, Jürgen Weigand , Competition, Efficiency, and Welfare
Dordrecht [u.a.] : Kluwer Academic Publ.
S. 147-172
| Alfred Haid
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State Aid, Industrial Restructuring and Privatisation in the New German Länder: Competition Policy with Case Studies of the Shipbuilding and Synthetic Fibres Industries

In: Europäische Wirtschaft / European Economy (1999), 3, S. 132-160 | Lars-Hendrik Röller, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 167 / 1998

Trends in the Internationalisation of R&D: The German Perspective

In this paper we present latest facts about the R&D activities of German multinational companies abroad and R&D activities of foreign companies in Germany. These results confirm that Germany is still an attractive location for R&D activites of multinational companies in many technological fields. However, the internationalisation of R&D is closely linked with the internationalisation of sales and production. ...

1998| Marian Beise, Heike Belitz
Diskussionspapiere 166 / 1998

Does Germany Have the "World's Highest Wage Costs"?

1998| Ludger Lindlar, Wolfgang Scheremet
686 results, from 661