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Diskussionspapiere 167 / 1998

Trends in the Internationalisation of R&D: The German Perspective

In this paper we present latest facts about the R&D activities of German multinational companies abroad and R&D activities of foreign companies in Germany. These results confirm that Germany is still an attractive location for R&D activites of multinational companies in many technological fields. However, the internationalisation of R&D is closely linked with the internationalisation of sales and production. ...

1998| Marian Beise, Heike Belitz
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Globalisation, Unemployment and Social Inequality: a Farewell to Welfare?

In: Konjunkturpolitik 44 (1998), 1, S. 1-30 | Ludger Lindlar, Harald Trabold
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 2 / 1998

Trends in the Internationalisation of R&D - the German Perspective

1998| Marian Beise, Heike Belitz

Entrepreneurship and Development: English-Lao Reader III

Vientiane: Lao-German Economic Training and Advisory Project, 1998, II, 47 S. | Hans U. Luther, Günter Faltin, Georg Erber
Diskussionspapiere 151 / 1997

The Shipbuilding Industry in East and West: Industry Dynamics, Science and Technology Policies and Emerging Patterns of Cooperation

Shipbuilding has changed from a "heavy industry" to become a capital- and technologyintensive activity over the last decades. While Japanese, South Korean and Western European yards dominate the merchant shipbuilding market so far, Eastern European yards are increasingly active, in particular in low and medium complex ships. We develop a market analysis and identify the axes of competition in international ...

1997| Jürgen Bitzer, Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Bulletin 7 / 1997

Globalisation: Source of Woe or Source of Wealth?

1997| Harald Trabold
614 results, from 591