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The German InnoRegio-Program as a New Way to Promote Regional Innovative Networks: Lessons for Transforming Countries

In: Branko Katalinic, Ivica Veza, Bozenko Bilic (Eds.) , Proceedings of the 3rd DAAAM International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Developing Countries
S. 369-374
| Alexander Eickelpasch
Economic Bulletin 6 / 2003

The New Basel Capital Accord and its Impact on Small and Mediumsized Companies

2003| Dorothea Schäfer
Diskussionspapiere 322 / 2003

New Firm Formation by Industry over Space and Time: A Multi-Level Analysis

Wir untersuchen den Einfluss von Branchenmerkmalen, Standort und Veränderungen im Zeitablauf auf Neugründungen von Betrieben mit einem Mehr- Ebenen-Ansatz. Die Analyse bezieht sich auf Westdeutschland im Zeitraum 1983- 1997. Innovationsaktivitäten und die Ausprägung des technologischen Regimes haben offenbar einen wesentlichen Einfluss auf Gründungsaktivitäten. Es bestehen erhebliche Unterschiede

2003| Michael Fritsch, Oliver Falck
Diskussionspapiere 309 / 2002

Outsourcing and Firm-level Performance

Using firm-level panel data from the German cost structure survey over the period 1992 to 2000, our empirical analysis shows that firms that increased material inputs relative to internal labor costs performed better in terms of gross operating surplus than other firms. However, firms that increased external services relative to internal labor costs, thus outsourcing service functions previously

2002| Bernd Görzig, Andreas Stephan
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System Evaluation of the Promotion of Research Cooperation for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): the Concept of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

In: Philip Shapira, Stefan Kuhlmann , Learning from Science and Technology Policy Evaluation
S. 25-37
| Heike Belitz, Hans-Peter Lorenzen
Economic Bulletin 2 / 2000

The Scope for Attracting Foreign Investors to Eastern Germany

2000| Heike Belitz, Karl Brenke, Frank Fleischer
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