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  • SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

    Satisfaction with life and tourism: empirical investigation on a case of Germany

    Impact of tourism on lives of residents is of great importance for tourism industry for a range of reasons. Tourism development is undertaken in order to promote economic prosperity of the destination to improve wellbeing of residents. On the other hand, support from residents is of great importance for achieving positive overall experience for tourists.In a series of works we investigated...

    11.04.2019| Oksana Tokarchuk (Competence Centre in Tourism Management and Tourism Economics (TOMTE))
  • Research Project

    Support study for the evaluation of the rules for operating aid under the EU aviation framework applicable as of 2014

    As part of the evaluation process of the current State aid rules, the European Commission has awarded to the consortium of Lear, DIW Berlin, and Sheppard Mullin, a specific contract to carry out a study to support its evaluation of the rules regarding access of airports to operating aid under the EU Aviation Framework applicable as of 2014 (2014 Aviation Guidelines or the Guidelines). The study...

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • DIW Weekly Report 43 / 2019

    Productivity: Urban-Rural Differences Affect Productivity More Than East-West Differences

    Following reunification, productivity in eastern Germany grew rapidly. A strong industrial sector is key to a thriving German economy. However, the narrowing of the industrial productivity gap between eastern and western Germany has come to a standstill since the financial and economic crisis and the gap remains considerable today. Nevertheless, when comparing similar regions in eastern and western ...

    2019| Heike Belitz, Martin Gornig, Alexander Schiersch
  • Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

    Germany's Economic Model Is not the Problem

    In: The Financial Times Europe (17.06.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher
  • Externe Monographien

    Numerical Models for Emerging Energy and Resource Issues: Examples from Tight Oil, Global Energy, and Rural Electrification

    Berlin: Humboldt Univ., 2019, 123 S. | Dawud Ansari
  • Externe Monographien

    The Potential for Industrial Activity among EU Regions: An Empirical Analysis at the NUTS2 Level

    In the last decade, many parts of the world experienced severe increases in agricultural land prices. This price surge, however, did not take place evenly in space and time. To better understand the spatial and temporal behavior of land prices, we employ a price diffusion model that combines features of market integration models and spatial econometric models. An application of this model to farmland ...

    Berlin: HU Berlin, 2019, 28 S.
    (FORLand Working Papers ; 13)
    | Martin Gornig, Axel Werwatz
  • Diskussionspapiere 1812 / 2019

    The Impact of Population, Affluence, Technology, and Urbanization on CO2 Emissions across Income Groups

    This paper analyzes the impact of urbanization on CO2 emissions within the STIRPAT framework over the period 1971 to 2014 for a panel of 76 countries clustered into income groups. Using dynamic panel estimations techniques, the empirical results robustly show an inverted N-shaped relationship between urbanization and CO2 emissions in the long-term associated with the ecological modernization theory ...

    2019| Lars Sorge, Anne Neumann
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    The Local Economic Impact of Wind Power Deployment

    This study focuses on the local economic impacts of wind power deployment.Wind power deployment is not necessarily driven by locally accruing economic payoffs only, but potentially also by other factors, such as emphasis on environmentally friendly energy production and its associated benefits. Thus, the local economic impacts of wind power deployment are ambiguous.We empirically test the existence ...

    In: Finanzarchiv 75 (2019), 1, S. 59-92 | Nils May, Øivind A. Nilsen
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    David and Goliath in the Poll Booth: Group Size, Political Power and Voter Turnout

    This article analyses how the presence of a dominant group of voters within the electorate affects voter turnout. Theoretically, we argue that its absolute size affects turnout via increased free-riding incentives and reduced social pressure to vote within a larger dominant group. Its relative size compared to other groups within the electorate influences turnout through instrumental and expressive ...

    In: Local Government Studies 45 (2019), 5, S. 724-747 | Peter Bönisch, Benny Geys, Claus Michelsen
  • DIW Weekly Report 16/17/18 / 2019

    Competitiveness and Convergence: Trade, Merger Control, Industry, and Innovation: Reports

    2019| Tomaso Duso, Martin Gornig, Alexander S. Kritikos, Malte Rieth, Axel Werwatz
305 results, from 31