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Regional Infrastructure Policy and its Impact on Productivity: A Comparison of Germany and France

This paper describes the different institutional frameworks for infrastructure policy in Germany and France. The economic effects of infrastructure are estimated econometrically for German and French regions. We find evidence that regional road infrastructure has a significant impact on regional output. Moreover, we find evidence that for Germany the priority of promoting equal living conditions throughout ...

In: Konjunkturpolitik 46 (2000), 4, S. 327-356 | Andreas Stephan
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Regional Conversion in the Russian Case

Decentralization has put increasing power at the disposal of regions to support conversion processes in Russia since 1992. There is, however, no clear-cut relation between the defense dependency of regions and their conversion success. Other factors, such as exports of any kind, the composition of regional industrial demand for nondefense goods, and the availability of shock absorbers - such as small ...

In: International Regional Science Review 23 (2000), 1, S. 103-119 | Ksenia Gonchar, Petra Opitz

A political economy model of infrastructure allocation: an empirical assessment

Berlin: WZB, 1999, 33 S.
(Discussion Papers / Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung ; 99-15)
| Olivier Cadot, Lars-Hendrik Röller, Andreas Stephan
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1999

Berlin - German Metropolis or Even "World City"? Editorial

1999| Rolf-Dieter Postlep
Economic Bulletin 10 / 1999

Berlin at the Turning Point: Editorial

1999| Rolf-Dieter Postlep
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Regional Policy

In: Werner Weidenfeld, Wolfgang Wessels (Hrsg.) , Europe from A to Z
Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
S. 187-193
| Bernhard Seidel
Diskussionspapiere 139 / 1996

Unemployment, Labor Market Training Programs and Regional Wages: An Extended Wage Curve Approach

1996| Markus Pannenberg, Johannes Schwarze
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 3 / 1996

Evaluation Measures of the Structural Funds Interventions in the New German Länder: An Overview

1996| Kathleen Toepel
Economic Bulletin 12 / 1996

Prospects for Economic Development in Berlin

1996| Alexander Eickelpasch, Ingo Pfeiffer
Economic Bulletin 1 / 1995

Employment Perspectives for Berlin

1995| Alexander Eickelpasch, Ingo Pfeiffer
300 results, from 291